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Advent Calendar Day 14

advent14Day 14 and just a quick one today because nobody has time to read weekend posts, it would seem. If you do find yourself at a loose end and haven’t been following this series, there are another 12 to read, all packed full of useful and useless information for your entertainment 🙂

It’s bright, cold and a bit sunny today but the theme today is darkly Gothic with the deck of the day being…you’ll never guess…The Gothic Tarot. Why? Because we have been working on DS’ application letter for his work placement week. His first choice is an architect’s office and we thought it best to make sure he could at least name his favourite architectural style, which it seems is Gothic. As you may know, this covers quite a hefty time period and variety of style, thus, we have spent the last couple of hours chatting generally about architectural styles, form and function and the twiddly bits on buildings. He has now gone off to complete his letter, so I’m taking the opportunity to write today’s post, whilst simultaneously contemplating all possible methods of roasting a lump of pig.

Today’s card is…the Nine of Wands.


Not the cheeriest of cards, but then that’s not surprising in a gothic themed deck. The vacant-eyed vampire lady with the fake breasts, nice corset and selection of bopping sticks, is not saying a great deal to me about Christmas. So, I’m afraid the interpretation is, once again, going to have to be “chocolate”. (See Day 2)

In terms of traditional meanings, I think that I will need considerable strength and determination to overcome the lure of the dark side and to avoid over-indulging in the aforementioned dark, dark chocolate yumminess.

What does she say to you?

In order to offset the darkness of it all, here’s a recipe for you 😀




14 December 2014

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  1. 9 of Wands clearly says roast in a hot oven 😀

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