No, it isn’t the sound of a police car crashing. It’s the annually held National Novel Writing Month and I’ve signed up! Mind you, it may well end up being the sound of the ambulance bearingĀ  men in white coats coming to scrape up what is left of my sanity in December. OMG! What was I thinking? 50,000 words in 30 days is a totally mad idea.


Reasons to be grateful

Don’t panic! This is not going to be one of those self-indulgent gushing posts, which mawkishly “share” personal sentiments which are largely meaningless to anyone else. I find these rather like looking at other people’s baby pictures – for the first few you may think “How sweet”, but long before the 20th, 78th or 100th instance, you have glazed over and found yourself wondering when it will stop, while politely nodding and smiling. No, rest assured, this is gratitude in the British way, (but without the queuing). (more…)

Wild Mushroom Stroganoff (Recipe)

Here is my recipe for Wild Mushroom Stroganoff with rice.


Culling the Dust Bunnies

Last week saw the demise of the old Hoover. I suppose I should give it its due and recognise the faithful service of something in the order of 15 years, but of late the bags had developed an annoying tendency to explode and the brush head kept falling off, so I can’t honestly say I shed any tears.

Technically, it does actually still run – only the hose handle is broken – but given its age, the likelihood of finding a spare before the inevitable dust bunny population explosion seemed fairly remote.


First Flight

I have just returned from shoving No.1 fledgling out of the nest for his first solo flight away from home….for a week…..overseas!

Now I sit here munching on my second well-buttered Cinnamon and Raisin Bagel and drinking my Cappucino, feeling peculiar, trying to quell the strange, squirming, panicky feeling inside and wondering why they don’t warn you about this kind of thing when you have children. (more…)

Time flies like an arrow…

…and fruit flies like a banana, but not nearly as much as they like my quietly decaying mountain of apples and pears šŸ™

In my best efforts to bake, cook and eat the stuff as swiftly as possible, I’d neglected to take the bin bag of bruised offcuts to the outside bin quickly enough and opened the bin to a small swarm of the buggers this morning. Bin bag was duly sealed and trotted outdoors together with any obviously hopeless fruit and the remaining fruit installed in the fridge out of harm’s (and flies’ way).

Today’s effort Toffee Apple Flapjacks spoiled slightly by insufficient plain toffees and DD’s insistence on including the Licorice ones (no, they’re yucky!). Oh well, I’m away this weekend, so won’t have to eat any.

The Perpetual Chicken

Today is day 3 of the residence in our house of the perpetual chicken.

She started her life with us…well, not so much lifeĀ  really as the final post mortem phase of her corporeal existence…She started her sojourn with us as the Sunday roast, served with roasties and 3 types of veg. She was a well stacked bird. Her ample breasts would (proportionally speaking) put Jordan to shame and she cost a mere Ā£5 from Sainsbury’s, so a good deal cheaper too, though somewhat classier. (more…)

Health Hazards of Homegrown Fruit

What could be healthier than growing your own, organic (assuming you don’t use pesticides) fruit, I hear you ask. It has to be better than paying for fruit from the supermarket, right? Well, let me tell you.


Take ye Onyons

It seems that the modern peasantry should take a leaf out of our Medieval counterparts’ cookbooks in the interests of healthy eating

Should you need a pointer towards some gode cookery receipts, this is a fascinating resource…

Of course, the really healthy peasant diet is less based on elaborately stuffed capons and more on grain-based gruel or potage, but the recipies are intriguing nonetheless. Enjoy!

Around my Summer in 80 Yays! (or Boos!)

As usual the last few months have been busy with events and school holidays and I haven’t had much time to blog. So, hereĀ  is tour around my summer in yays and boos: (more…)

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