Coining it in

10329296_1421073688154919_6295224645325141367_nWelcome to the Vernal Equinox edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. The topic, which for this Hop I have set, is Tarot and finance. Well, it makes a change from bunnies and fecundity ūüėÄ

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Vernal Tarot Blog Hop 2016

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boxIt’s gone! Left, deserted, bailed, quit, abdicated and, to all intents and purposes, buggered off.

Yes, my inspiration has taken my muse away to languish on some far distant shore and abandoned me to the January Blues with nary even a bottle of wine in which to take solace. My motivation has left in disgust and the doldrums are conspiring with the dust bunnies, sniggering at my despair from beneath the sofa. The box of tricks is empty, the cupboard bare, my creativity has fled, gone, as we say, for a burton.


Postcards from 2015

2-postcard_back-am-final-flatwAs the song says: Another year over, and what have we done?

Well, I don’t know about you, but here¬†is a summary of my year, in pictures ūüėÄ

Cameras copy

The old and the new



10329296_1421073688154919_6295224645325141367_nTime¬†has absolutely whizzed by and here we are at the 5th Yule Tarot Blog Hop! Our wrangler, Arwen, has invited us to “The Office Party” and asked us to give you, our readers, a gift.

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We Draw a Veil

10329296_1421073688154919_6295224645325141367_nWelcome to this Hallowe’en/Samhain edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. Before we continue on to the topic, here are the navigation links to take you to my neighbours’ posts and the Master List in case you are completely lost:


Our wrangler, Arwen, gave us the following directive for this Hop: (more…)

Bloody Super!

MoonI’m up and about for the third time this morning, thanks to two alarms and a dog, who woke me up at 2am, rather earlier than the 3am alarm I’d set to get me up for the total Lunar Eclipse this morning. In fact, having barely managed to get back to sleep, I almost failed to get up altogether and did miss the initial phase. I’m very glad that I did though, as it was quite a spectacular sight.

As you may be aware, photography and astronomy are two of my favouritest-est things, (the thumbnail pic is one I took earlier in the year), so the opportunity to snap our nearest cosmic neighbour decked out in festive colour was too good to miss, despite much bleariness of eye and brain.


End of Season

iphone 177-smI just returned from my last event of the summer at Herstmonceux and am quietly sinking into my second (large) glass of muscle-relaxant* and contemplating my muddy toes whilst waiting for the bath to run. Meanwhile, the dog is trying desperately to gain access to a spot on the sofa, having been forced to lie on the ground for the last three days and endure all mannner of scary noises and strangers, by looking faintly pathetic and moaning plaintively from time to time.



Fire Walk with Me…Not!

No-Photography-SignI was at the Artemis Gathering at the weekend and on Sunday evening, I took part in a fire walk. Yes, I walked across a fire pit in my bare feet. In…my…bare…feet…across…fire!

I can honestly say it was a once in a lifetime experience, Truly!

Now, I imagine that at this point you are expecting me to relate how amazingly transformational, life-changing and profound an experience it was…but I’m not going to do that. I’m not even going to show you pictures because there was no photography allowed, so I don’t have the proof. Well, actually, I do, but we’ll come to that drectly.



10329296_1421073688154919_6295224645325141367_nIn this edition of the Tarot Blog Hop our wrangler, Joanne, asked us to write about¬†“your take on the influence of the¬†Sun¬†and/or¬†Mercury¬†in the Tarot or your favorite oracle deck”. Before I tackle this topic, here is the usual public service announcement to enable you to navigate this Hop:



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