End of Season

iphone 177-smI just returned from my last event of the summer at Herstmonceux and am quietly sinking into my second (large) glass of muscle-relaxant* and contemplating my muddy toes whilst waiting for the bath to run. Meanwhile, the dog is trying desperately to gain access to a spot on the sofa, having been forced to lie on the ground for the last three days and endure all mannner of scary noises and strangers, by looking faintly pathetic and moaning plaintively from time to time.



Relentless Ineptitude

RememberAs you may be aware if you follow my Facebook page, I’ve just spent the weekend trading at Wrest Park and a very good weekend it was too….well…apart from Friday and my own staggering ineptitude :/


Brass Monkeys and Golden Balls

Wrest morningI have just returned from a weekend trading at the St George’s event at Wrest Park and I couldn’t have wished for a better start to the season. Wellies were left at home and there was this wonderful, shiny, golden ball thingy glowing hotly in the sky all weekend. I’m not sure what it was, (I certainly didn’t see such a thing last season), but I liked it a lot! It was mostly particularly welcome to thaw out from the overnight temperatures, which were minus lots. See the silver grass? That’s frost –>


Herstmonceux Medieval Festival

One of the longest running and largest Medieval festivals. Great fun for all the family since 1992.

Herstmonceux Medieval Festival

Colchester Medieval Fayre

Tourney, skill at arms and a large period market in the heart of Colchester.

More info here

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival

The oldest and largest medieval festival in Britain with a huge battle reenactment and large market.

More info

Loxwood Joust

Medieval Mayhem with music from the Mediaeval Baebes in West Sussex

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