Cock Ale and other culinary oddities

Home made pork pie

I’ve been researching food and drink history recently (and trying out a few traditional recipes like the very tasty pork pie over there –>).

It’s a fascinating subject and it’s apparent that our ancestors had a much less finicky approach to food and drink. Among the oddities I have unearthed are a Medieval recipe for “Garbage”, made with all the bits of a chicken you’d normally throw in the…umm..garbage, like the head, feet and entrails. They also had assorted ways of cooking pretty much anything that flies, walks or swims (boiled heron, anyone?) and some rather novel ideas for flavouring alcoholic beverages, which brings me to the Cock Ale.


Take ye Onyons

It seems that the modern peasantry should take a leaf out of our Medieval counterparts’ cookbooks in the interests of healthy eating

Should you need a pointer towards some gode cookery receipts, this is a fascinating resource…

Of course, the really healthy peasant diet is less based on elaborately stuffed capons and more on grain-based gruel or potage, but the recipies are intriguing nonetheless. Enjoy!

Around my Summer in 80 Yays! (or Boos!)

As usual the last few months have been busy with events and school holidays and I haven’t had much time to blog. So, here  is tour around my summer in yays and boos: (more…)

Strange Fruit

I returned from Herstmonceux Medieval Festival yesterday afternoon. After a rather quicker journey (including a pub lunch) than on the outward leg, which took 6 hours thanks to one of the tyres on the trailer disintegrating en route. (more…)

I’m Back in the 21st Century

We just got back from the Herstmonceux Medieval Festival . My new tent arrived in time last week, so we spent a dry weekend, despite the intermittent drizzle. We had to pitch the back edge on a slope to stay in line with our neighbours, so we ended up half sleeping on a slope, which is why the tent looks a bit skewed in the pic, but it was very capacious and comfortable nonetheless 🙂 Sadly, I will have to sell the tent on, since it is octagonal and not entirely suitable for my purposes – I can’t lay out my reading and stock tables properly unless they stick outside and given the weather recently, this is not a good thing. It is a shame as it is a nice tent – it is about 14′ across but the canvas folds up into a couple of compact bags and I can pick up all the poles together easily. Drop me a note if you, or anyone you know might be interested in buying it.

Also for sale, or rather, available to order, are Gothic chairs as shown above. My DH managed to get this one finished in time for Herstmonceux and we found ourselves speculating about introducing a fee for all the people who sat in it to have their picture taken over the weekend 😉 We have plans for a variation with a shorter back and also a two-seater storage bench in the same style. Watch this space or drop me a note if you are interested.

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