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Christmas – Part 2 The Naked Truth

So what did I get for Christmas?

I got lucky, that’s what 😀  See? It says so here –>

The card is from the rather lovely Vintage Erotica Tarot, just one of my many Christmas presents and the source of many of the previously mentioned giggles 🙂 In case you can’t see it properly, the card is The Wheel and is subtitled “You Are Lucky”, which pretty much sums up how I feel about life at the moment.

This deck is a collection of, as you might reasonably expect, vintage erotica – lovely original sepia toned pictures of un-airbrushed ladies with naturally shaped bodies and plush, luxuriant lady beards (no Brazilians here, or if there are, it’s due to nationality rather than nether region hairstyling).

Obviously, since all the cards depict naked or semi-naked females, it has its limitations, but it is a deck that lends itself extremely well to “Yes/No/Maybe” questions. In drawing a “Daily Bush” card, we found that not all of them had the said bush on display. Thus arose the “To Bush or Not To Bush” draw, to which the answer can be either “Yes” if there is a bush (emphatically “Yes” if there are several) , “No” if there is no bush” or “Maybe” if we have one bush and one no bush (or reverse bush).  All of which silliness led to much giggling, bawdiness and general hilarity. So, if you’ve ever wanted a deck that can answer the elusive “Yes or No” questions (and even “Maybe”) and you are not of a prudish disposition, then this is the deck for you 😀

As to my other gifts, they were, without exception, greatly appreciated. I now have a full set of Knit Pro Symfonie interchangeable knitting needle tips (I had a number already, but the Christmas Elves supplied the missing ones and the Chunky set) and I also have a number of other nice knitting related bits and bobs, including this rather splendid purple/turquoise yarn from my lovely friend Viv (far too nice for socks, so suggestions for a suitable project for approx 500m of 4ply welcome).

What else did Santa bring? Zumba 2 for me and Just Dance 3 for DD should help shift a few of the surplus lbs resulting from big fud and all the foodie treats – lots of cookies in nice tins and a surprising amount of booze from the family (they know us well). Of course, there were also socks from my Mum. It has become something of a family joke and tradition that everyone gets socks (really good ones – Brashers hiking socks for me). Neither have I forgotten my Christmas present  from Hestia either, who was organised enough to send me some lovely, posh leaf tea some months ago 😀

I think my favourite gifts this holiday have been the huge amount of fun and laughs I’ve had with DH and also the children managing to be reasonably good and not overly annoying (despite consuming huge amount of chocolate and sweets). But mostly the first bit ;D


31 December 2011

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  1. oooh deck looks lovely and wool – sorry, YARN – is gorgeous! I luff my gorgeous knits book from you. Could 2012 actually be the year that I complete a knitting project?!

    Ali x

  2. LOL Zumba, cookies & booze ….sounds like a par-TAY ! 😀

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