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Medieval Tent For Sale

We’re selling our 14ft octagonal tent. It is made from 14oz green, black and white striped canvas and consists of a roof and two wall sections. The side poles are about 7ft long and the centre post splits into two. The canvas packs down into two bags, no more than about 3ft cubed altogether, though probably less. It is relatively easy to put up alone (once you know how) as long as it isn’t blowing a gale, though I have managed it alone in moderately windy conditions 😀

It is in good condition with no mould (as of when it was put away for the winter). The sides are attached onto tabs on the roof with brass hooks and I have added more tabs and hooks since I bought it. I can also supply spare hooks. There are brass eyelets in the roof for the poles to fit through and on the side panels for Dutch lacing.

This would suit LH as an arming or living tent. There is plenty of space inside – we’ve fitted sleeping accomodation for 2-4 people (2 doubles or 1 double and 2 singles) in just half of the tent, leaving the rest of the space for other purposes, in our case, selling space. It would suit a trader who needs more frontage than depth.

We have been using this tent for trading for the last two seasons when it was bought new and are selling for practical reasons. We need to use the “sleeping space” and packing the bedding away each day is just a nuisance, so we’re trading up to a larger tent to have a permanent living area.

The tent comes with canvas (roof, sides and storage bags), 8 side poles + centre pole, 12 guy ropes (every other pole uses two) and wooden pegs (various shapes and sizes but sufficient for guys and sides).


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