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Advent Calendar Day 5

advent5Goodness, Day 5 already!

Yesterday’s sunshine was most definitely metaphorical. In the few appointments that DD did manage  to obtain for Parents’ Evening (I am somewhat less than impressed with the booking system), her teachers were full of glowing praise. *Beams with maternal pride* 


Advent Calendar Day 4

advent4Yep, I’m still here. You didn’t think I’d run out of steam by Day 4, did you? 🙂

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post and are planning to try out the Tarot card game. I’d love to hear how you got on.

Today is so dark, dank and dismal I’d rather wish I’d stayed in bed. I’m looking at the advent picture of those deer frolicking under the stars with a degree of envy – their night would appear to be somewhat brighter that my day!


Advent Calendar Day 3

  Day 3 of my Tarot Advent Calendar has arrived and I haven’t fallen by the wayside yet 😀

Yesterday did turn out to be somewhat about food after all. After I’d finished my post, DD insisted we made some gingerbread men…well, families really,  with the nested cutters I picked up at the weekend (men, women, children, babies and dog*). And very good they were too. The remainder (quite a few were consumed) are pending decoration, though DD has assigned herself to the probability that they will get eaten faster than she can decorate them (mostly by her, it must be said :D)



ouija_zps74bc4147So here we are Blog Hopping again. For this Samhain Blog Hop, we were asked to:

 to discuss or show, via the Tarot or any other oracle, who you would invite to an afternoon tea on the Day of the Dead. What do you imagine they’d be like? What Tarot card (or cards!) would represent them? What would you ask them? What would you like to learn from them? Your “guest” can be living, or dead, but imagine them there and then represent them in a Tarot card (or more).



Epiphanies and Elephants

swords03 copyWelcome to the latest edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. The theme for this Mabon Blog Hop is to talk about a time when our understanding of the Tarot underwent a quantum leap, what brought about the change in our understanding of the Tarot and how we approach the Tarot differently than we did before the change. In other words “the things that I wished I knew about Tarot sooner than I learned them.”


I thought long and hard about whether to participate in this hop, since when it comes to Tarot, I can’t honestly say I’ve had any massive leaps in understanding, as such. No light on the road to Damascus, no divine revelations complete with angelic choirs and heavenly light, no epiphany, no OMGs, not even a blinding lightbulb moment. No, it’s been more of a process of gradual realisation. A realisation that there was an elephant (not necessarily a pink one) in the room and although it had been there all the time, I had just not noticed it. In short, the process has been more quantum creep than quantum leap, rather like the oft-unnoticed snail on the RWS 9 of Pentacles card.


Looking Back

cups05You may know that I read at a lot of Medieval and Historic Feativals and I’ve just returned from a 5-day stint at Leeds Castle, preceded by a couple of days at Herstmonceux. The latter was not a hectic event and I found myself having two slightly odd conversations about reading the past. Now this is curious because most Tarot “virgins” usually want to know about the future (will they succeed/win the lottery/find love/get better) and I spend a lot of time explaining about my approach not really being predictive in that sort of fortune-telling way*.


A Good Crop

PentaclesQueenWelcome to the latest edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. For this Lammas Hop, we have been asked to channel our inner Queen of Pentacles.

I must admit that, at first glance, this topic did not appeal to me at all, given that I identify more strongly with the Queen of Swords usually. However, the more I considered it, the more I realised that I have quite a hefty chuck of the old QoP in there, it’s just that I tend not to give her much recognition. She’s usually the one chained to the cooker while my other Queens are out having a good time: drinking, dancing, having a good time and waving their knickers in the air (metaphorically, at least). (more…)

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