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tarot-swietlistej-drogiSo here we are again, another Yule, another Yule Tarot Blog Hop. This time the theme has been given as “TURNING DARKNESS INTO LIGHT” with instruction to describe how we bring light to those around us and how we celebrate light with Yuletide traditions. You can follow the links below to navigate around the Blog Hop and read what everyone else has shared.


Love is…?

HeartWelcome to the Samhain edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. Our wrangler, Alison, has elected to depart from the usual themes associated with this time of year and opted for the topic of “Love”.  Not for her the thinning of veils or pagan festivals and suchlike, but an entirely unrelated topic…or is it?  Love in the time of curcubits. What’s not to love? 😀


A Lammas Spread

87044073085829998Welcome to the Lammas edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. This time we have been asked to share something from our table and if you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ll know that there’s nothing I love more than sharing a good recipe 🙂 However, since this is supposed to be a Tarot blog, it seemed appropriate to draw a card first to determine the nature of the recipe. Of course, the simplest thing would have been to draw a card from the Epicurean Tarot and share the recipe on the card, but unfortunately I don’t have that deck (I know, how remiss of me!), so I’ve used the Housewives Tarot as the next best thing 🙂 (more…)

Sitting on the Fence

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I first participated in the Tarot Blog Hop, hasn’t it flown by? The theme for this Hop is Dancing Between Light and Darkness and the notion that there is a point at which things can be neither one thing nor the other, or both. Initially, this seemed a curious suggestion to me, but it makes a certain kind of sense if you consider that something can be both a hope and a fear or an event can be both a source of joy and of sadness.


Living in the Present

vic014Welcome to the Yule Tarot Blog Hop. The theme du jour is “Christmas Present” – a topic that I have no doubt has yielded diverse and interesting posts from our wonderful collection of bloggers. You can find links at the bottom of the page back to the lovely (and prolific) Chloe’s Lenormand Blog forward to Joanne’s Tarot blog or back to Alison’s master list of all the hoppers.

Life is short and at this time of year the days make it seem even shorter. As we hurtle towards the outbreak of festivities with joy, dread, mild panic or all three, perhaps it is time to take a moment to reflect. Alternatively, if you have no time, no time, no time (oops, mild panic creeping out there), and the world has not, in fact, ended as predicted today, you can always wait until the main event is over and you are quietly thanking providence for surviving the food, family and festivities in a warm, overfed and alcoholic glow.


A Message from the Dark Side

Welcome to the Samhain/Hallowe’en edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. You can find links to the posts preceding and following this one and also the master list at the bottom of the page, as usual. The theme of this Blog Hop is “Exploring Your Shadow Side”. Well, if you’ve tuned in to find out about all my dark secrets, I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. You see, as a well-adjusted as a schizophrenic as a Gemini, I don’t have a shadow side as such; all of my facets are on display…in carefully selected doses…to carefully selected people of course, but essentially, what you see is what you get , dark bits and all 😀


A Little Bit of Reaping

Welcome to the Lammas Tarot Blog Hop. This time, the theme is “Pentacles: The Fruits of the Harvest” and the idea is to connect with the Pentacles suit and write about which of the cards you can relate to right now.

When I first signed up at the end of June, I thought “Fab! The garden is taking shape nicely, by Lammas there will be very literally a harvest, so the 7 of Pentacles is obviously going to be the card for me!” Sure enough, I have a pumpkin plant bent on world domination, a courgette producing fruit on virtually a daily basis, the green stuff is growing well (peas, beans, lettuce, cauli,cabbage, etc), the tomatoes are just starting to swell and there are cute little knobbly cucumbers forming behind the flowers. Yes, indeed, I can definitely relate to the 7 of Pentacles  – a little light weeding, liberal sprinklings of slug pellets and leaning on my hoe waiting to pick the fruits of my labours is the order of the day. You can see how my garden grows here.


Here Comes The Sun

There is something very special about being up at dawn and seeing the sunrise. This is, in part, because most of us aren’t (or don’t want to be) up that early or, indeed, late, which in itself makes quite a difference. There is a completely different energy to seeing the sun come up after having been up all night, as opposed to simply being up before dawn. The former is a culminating moment of the previous day (and night) and there is a sense of achievement in having made it through the whole of the previous day and the night as well. The latter is the bright, fresh beginning of a new day, full of potential and everything yet to come. I’ll admit to having been through both sets of circumstances ;D


Fire Walk with Me

I had so much fun participating in the last Tarot Blog Hop, that I signed up again. This time the theme was given as “The Fire tends to All” and immediately I suffered a ’70s flashback moment with a mental blast of this…


Bunny Hop Blog

Today’s post is brought to you by the Tarot Blog Hop, which, if you haven’t come across it before, is the blogging equivalent of a round-robin. You can click on the links at the bottom to see the previous and next posts.

The topic du jour for this edition of the blog hop was given as Ostara: Paint a journey with new life. Hmm, I thought, what on earth am I going to write about that? I’m not religious at all*; profound discourses on the meaning of life are best saved for late nights with wine and there are far too many people preaching sharing their insights on how to live your life, so I’m not going to go there either. 


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