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The Tsundoku Way

I learned a new word today. I like to learn new words, though unless they are words that I can use regularly, I tend to forget them quite quickly. This particular word is almost deserving of a blog of its own, not just a post, because it pretty much sums up my life at present. Would you like to know what it means?


Yep, that pretty much sums it up. I’m a book magpie, a shameless hoarder without the shelf space or the time to do my acquisitions justice. I even do it with ebooks. I have learned to restrain myself (slightly) with physical books or I’d have to move into the garden to accommodate them, but, as yet, I have no such space restrictions with ebooks, so I hoard those instead and let them pile up on my virtual floor/nightstand. Though, in truth, my disk space is getting a bit low :/

Of course, many of them are reference books, meant to be referred to as needed and not simply read from cover to cover. Well, actually, most of them fall into that category, but there are still a fair few tomes that are backed up awaiting my attention. The Poldark series (I’ve read a few pages), a historical novel I bought because it looked entertaining, a few that I downloaded because they were free and it would have been rude not to, books I’ve bought because they were recommended by someone whose opinion I value, the odd book I’ve been lent and just not had a chance to get around to reading, and so on.

So what to do about all these books? Shall I set myself a task of systematically working my way through them, (in the sure and certain knowledge that the pile will continue to increase anyway)? Or shall I just give in gracefully? *Adopts zen-like pose and closes eyes, tranquil in acceptance of the Tsundoku Way* Ohmmmmmmm!


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20 May 2015

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  1. Because I live with Tartarus The Tidy, quite often my heap of bedside books mysteriously disappaers. This means that I think I’ve read a book but can’t quite put my finger on how it ends …. because he’s tidied them away into the book cases before I’ve finished reading them.

    Now – git off the intertubes and git reading!

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