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Wild Mushroom Stroganoff (Recipe)

Here is my recipe for Wild Mushroom Stroganoff with rice.

Preparation time: 2-3hrs    Cooking time: approx 15-20 mins


Wild Mushrooms
1 Onion (thinly sliced)
2-3 slices smoked bacon (optional for veggies)
single cream
worcester sauce
mushroom ketchup
salt and black pepper
butter & olive oil
1 penknife
1 paper carrier bag
suitable woodland
a lifetime of mushrooming experience (or friend with suitable expertise)
1 friend (optional, except as per above)


1. Take the penknife, paper bag and friend and head for the woodland. The friend is optional but adds to the flavour – four eyes are better than two, good conversation is a bonus and they make you look less like a total nutter when you squeal and jump up and down with delight.

2. Carefully peel eyes and stroll around the woodland. Season liberally with experience whilst slowly collecting suitable specimens until the paper bag is full, or to taste. Return to domicile.

3. Wash the mushrooms well to remove woodland detritus and allow to dry. (Wiping is only suitable for plastic-wrapped supermarket ones).

4. Approximately 20-30 mins before you plan to dine, put the rice on to cook, using your preferred method.

5. Fry the onion and bacon in a little olive oil. Meanwhile, slice the mushrooms, discarding any grotty, woody or unwanted bits and peeling if necessary. Add to the saucepan with a little butter and fry gently until softened.

6. Add a tbsp or so of flour, toss the mushroom mixture in it and then add a little water or milk to make a roux. Season with a few drops of mushroom ketchup and worcester sauce, add salt and pepper to taste, then pour in some single cream. Heat through gently until the rice is ready and serve.

7. Congratulate self on excellent and virtually free gourmet meal.

Any leftovers can be frozen or reheated (and added to) the following day.

Those elves concerned with your safety feel it necessary to point out that it is extremely unwise to go gaily trotting into the woods armed only with a pocket guide and no expertise, as you will most likely end up in A&E, spoiling your day somewhat.

20 September 2010

2 Comments to “Wild Mushroom Stroganoff (Recipe)”

  1. As a townie, born and bread, I have never trusted myself to pick mushrooms, much as I love them. I enjoyed the reading the recipe above… one of my favourite dishes…. I find a dash of balsamic vinegar brings out the flavour of mushrooms wonderfully and especially love marinating them in red wine and thyme with a dash of honey.
    My favourite mushrooms at the moment are the brown ones… nice nutty flavour… I do pick blackberries when I get out of town and blackberry and apple pie is on the menu tonight!

    • The mushroom ketchup and worcester sauce probably have a similar effect to balsamic but less obviously vinegary. I shall have to try to red wine, honey and thyme – I have some garlic honey that I suspect would work very well 🙂

      Incidentally, I’ve picked more mushroom “in town” than anywhere else – Hampstead Heath and Highgate Woods were my old hunting grounds 😀

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