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Dangerous Owners

DexGreetings, fellow canines and your humans!

It’s been a while since I put claw to keyboard, but I’m not a happy doggie today and felt I should share the reason for my lack of gruntle and get your advice. Once again, I was attacked by a psychotic collie. This will be the fourth time the this dog has attacked me now and it really isn’t fair. I’m a good boy. I mind my own business, do as I’m told (because I love my humans and it makes them happy) and I have never done anything to provoke this kind of behaviour 🙁

My human saw the collies, (there are two of them, but it’s just the one who attacks, the other just follows), before they saw me and put me on my lead so they couldn’t chase me. I know I can outrun them, but it’s pretty scary being attacked and I ran all the way home the first two times My human was very upset when that happened, because I ran all the way through town and across roads with cars on them to get back home.

Last time, I ran away from the dogs, which ran halfway across the Common just to attack me, but I circled back when I heard her calling me and the collies didn’t dare to attack me then. This time they seem to have overcome that and attacked me even though I was on the lead right next to my human. Can you believe that! I was very scared (mind you, I’m quite scared of lots of things) and, although I managed to get my collar off trying to escape, I didn’t run away. Their human rushed away and I was alright after than, but my human was quite upset and shouted shouted at them.

When we got home, my human phoned the dog warden and reported the dogs. From what I could gather, she’s heard about a few other instances when these same collies (well, the attacking one mostly) had attacked other dogs. They even attacked a Leonburger. Have you seen the size of those things? They’re humungous! That collie must be crazy!

What I don’t understand is why this collie’s human doesn’t stop him doing it, if it keeps happening. If humans behaved like that they’d be muzzled or locked up, wouldn’t they? My human says she’ll call the Pollies if she sees them again without muzzles. I don’t know what Pollies are, but they’d better be bigger and scarier than Leonburgers.

My problem now is that if we meet them again, I’m not sure whether it’s safer to run or not. I mean, if I still get attacked when I’m on the lead. What do you think?

Your worried canine correspondent,

Dexter 😛




13 November 2014

4 Comments to “Dangerous Owners”

  1. Dear Dexter

    Hi my name is Nero and I’m a greyhound. sorry to read of your troubles. It must have been scary running home all by yourself – across roads and everything. I’m not too good with roads as I only met them for the first time last year.

    Your human and the pollies will keep you safe. Best practise your barking and looking fierce. Best wishes, your lanky legged cowardly friend, Nero x

  2. Here, have a Bonio. *And* a Markie <3

    • Oh yes, Doggie want a biscuit! Please!
      I can’t show you Please here, so I’ve added it to my post

  3. As a Border Collie (bitch, I admit) I’m much more attacked by Pitbulls than ever I chase or attack anything. Tired, of other uncaring dog owners, mine carries a steel bar when we’re out and serious offenders only are quickly on their way with their tails between their legs.

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