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There are so many projects on my wishlist that I would really like to make, but I know most are unlikely to ever be completed, if indeed they are ever cast on. I know this with certainty because I know I am not good at finishing things. I have reached a level of self-knowledge that now makes me determined to persevere with those projects that I do start, but equally determined not to start things I know I won’t finish, because I lack the huge amount of will-power to overcome the boredom “wall”. Conversely, not starting them has me gazing covetously at others’ finished objects. What’s a girl to do!

My life is littered with unfinished projects like the Cromary sweater from Alice Starmore’s Celtic Collection on the right, started over 10 years ago now. This is one reason I took to knitting socks, because they are quick knits and I can pound towards that finish line clearly visible on the horizon of achievement.

That said, there are patterns that I find intensely appealing and there lurks a desire to leap in regardless. One such design is the Dragonboat Cardigan. It would have the added challenge of mastering stranded colourwork, something I have shied away from until now, as it is slow and requires concentration not to make a total pig’s ear of the pattern and tension. There are better pictures of the piece here on Ravelry if you are a member.

Winter Wonderland Coat

Another that I lust after is the Winter Wonderland Coat from the Inspired to Knit book. As you can see, a fairly epic undertaking both in terms of time and expense. I do love to cable, but it is slow work compared to lace knitting and there is an awful lot of plain knitting on this coat. I just know I would get bored half way through the first panel. It is also not a very portable project – not something you can stuff into a handbag and carry with you to fill the odd few minutes you may find here and there.

I could go on. There are circular cardigans with crocheted trims, complex lace shawls and all sorts of things that I baulk at simply because of the time commitment required. I gaze at the patterns and in my mind echoes “Some day…some day…some day…”

27 April 2010

3 Comments to “Desiderata”

  1. Not sure about cables myself, too …chunky …like oak furniture 🙂

  2. *sigh* you would not BELIEVE the inferiority complex you and Viv are giving me with all your beautiful knitting.

    MUST try harder.

    Ali x

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