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How to Kill…

pint-m_1768033a…several hours without noticing in easy steps:

  1. Wander along early to the (very local) Fleet Food Festival (just after 11am)
  2. Get a beer to drink while you walk around in the sunshine
  3. Buy some foodie stuff
  4. Take in an interesting talk on Beekeeping
  5. Find the local (Longdog*) brewery stall and repeat step 2
  6. Eat some pizza from the outdoor wood-fired oven
  7. Go to the talk on Keeping Chickens
  8. Repeat step 2
  9. Go to a demo on making sushi and make some sushi (raw fish, naturally)
  10. Eat the sushi and wait until your eyes stop watering from using too much wasabi
  11. Repeat step 2
  12. Try to get more pizza only to find they’ve sold out (at 1.30pm!).
  13. Decide the queue for venison burgers is waaaaaay too long
  14. Wander on.
  15. Notice that the bread stall (who are at the Saturday market and always have plenty left at the end of the day) have sold out of almost everything except a few cakes. Buy cake for child with sweet tooth.
  16. Go talk to the bee-keeper for a bit and fail to buy any local honey because they’ve sold out
  17. Find another food queue that’s not too long in order to feed the child(ren)
  18. Repeat step 2
  19. Wander around some more listening to the music
  20. Have a Nepalese curry (and repeat step 2)
  21. Hear the strains of Guns of Navarone (Ska-style)**
  22. Bask in the admiration heaped on the dog (Who’s a pretty boy then!)
  23. Go boogie to the excellent local Ska cover band (Key Lime Pi)
  24. Buy ice cream for child (‘cos she’s your best mate, she is)
  25. Repeat steps 2, 22 and 23 until the event closes.
  26. Stagger home
  27. Wonder where the time went
  28. Fall asleep in the bath
  29. Wake up, get out of the bath and blog about what a lovely day you’ve had
  30. Vow to return next year 😀

And there you have it. Simples!

*The Longdog in question being a Greyhound

**To get you in the right mood….




25 May 2014

6 Comments to “How to Kill…”

  1. Sounds like a fab day – did anyone get sunburned ? 🙂

  2. Might you consider keeping some bees and hens then, Ania?!

    Sounds like a great day!


    • Probably not, for various practical reasons. We love bees but sadly they don’t love DH and if he were to get stung it might kill him 🙁
      As for chickens, I like the idea of the fresh eggs, but not sure I can cope with the chicken shit, never mind the mites and other avian diseases. Aside from that, we also have a very large fox population (bloody things make a hell of a racket shagging at night). The neighbours used to keep chickens and my garden would regularly be strewn with feathers and bits of chicken – they gave up eventually.
      The talks were very interesting though and I’d be tempted if circumstances were different.

  3. Bees are out of the equation then!!! But chooks might be alright – you just need to make sure that they are protected and pop them in their coop at night?

    I am still not convinced that Nero is bird safe as I found a dead blackbird in the garden yesterday. It still had its head, so don’t think it was a cat. Probably a big black greyhound who can’t resist a pounce!

    • Dexter chases birds too which is another consideration. I’m still not sure I want to be awash with bird poo and either way, any such move would have to wait until DD is finished with the big climbing frame and assuming we don’t want to use that space for either a bigger veg patch or a workshop building.

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