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Sol Invictus

I’d never really fully appreciated why the Sun is associated with masculine qualities, but it was arrestingly brought home to me yesterday by my own 11-year-old Darling Sun (sic). We had previously been discussing what extra curriular activities he should sign up for (me being pushy and he reticent and totally resistant to the idea of actually taking an interest in something that I would have cut an arm off to have had the opportunity to do at school). The conversation meandered onto other topics:

DS: I just found out today that X* has a girlfriend,she’s called Y.
*(X now goes to a different school

Me: Oh. Really?

DS (nodding sagely): Yes. It happens around this age apparently.

Me: Oh. Does that mean you have a girlfriend now?

DS (smirking slightly): Yes. Her name’s Z.

Me (wondering if this is the reason for reluctance re:clubs): Ah. So what’s Z into then?

DS (shrugging) : Dunno

Me: You must have got to know her a bit if she’s your girlfriend. What is she interested in?

DS: She’s interested in ME.

And that says it all really. The Sun is associated with masculinity because the world revolves around it, all else is eclipsed by its radiance, it is invincible, peerless and it shines out of its own proverbial. Yup, the Sun is definitely masculine.

21 September 2011

3 Comments to “Sol Invictus”

  1. Yes, my very own Sonshine said to me last night ‘But you exist to look after ME.’ when I expressed a modicum of dissatisfaction with the thought of having to iron his school trews cos they had been rammed into his bag

  2. Hilarious! I’m impressed you picked up on the fact that he had a girlfriend, as well. Though I guess that’s part of the Sun thing, too – if it happens, it happens to him 🙂

  3. LMAO excellent ….the problem starts if/when he doesn’t grow out of it …;-)

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