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Banking on Adversity

Bank Holidays, eh?  The eagerly anticipated long weekends when you can guarantee everything will go pear-shaped. The weather is so inevitably awful that even the newscasters state  “Well, it’s the Bank Holiday” with wry acceptance. ‘Plans’ are a misnomer that should really be acknowledged as simply ‘wishful thinking’.  Between the weather and the inevitable travel chaos, like lemmings thousands attempt to migrate only to find themselves stuck immobile for hours due to road/rail works, accidents, volume of traffic, strikes and the odd act of gods, who are obviously a bit pressed for something to do on the Bank Holiday themselves. (more…)

Homework and Fieldwork

I don’t mind doing it in public. I quite enjoy the curiosity and sometimes admiration that doing my thing elicits and I am not ashamed. In short, I am not a secret knitter.  (more…)

Playing in the Sun

Just got back from History Boot Camp. Well, “just got back” in the sense of: arrived, unpacked car and trailer, put stuff away, got some laundry on the go, had baths to scour off the grime and mud, got a curry in and tucked into a glass of wine in front of Foyle’s War. (This is being written in the breaks).

What a fab weekend! I’ve tried all sorts of things, brought back interesting things (and mud) and am totally exhausted. The weather was gorgeously warm and sunny, during the day, at any rate.  The nights were still somewhat nippy, as you’d expect, but a good excuse for a roaring campfire.


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