Why Buy A Custom Corset?

Ready made corsets come in standard sizes, to fit a standardised body shape and size, but even this may vary between manufacturers. If you are one of the few people who happen to conform to these sizes, then a ready made corset will be perfect for you and you can take advantage of mass-production. If, however, like most people, you aren't a standard shape, then an off-the-peg corset is likely to be uncomfortable. 

Even with ordinary garments, variance in body proportions can cause problems, with many people having difficulty finding clothing that fits them properly. Corsets are close fitting with an accentuated waistline and if the fit is incorrect, you will not enjoy wearing your corset. 

A correctly fitted corset should be tight-fitting at the waist and fitted but not tight across the bust and hips. This will be surprisingly comfortable to wear even when laced quite tightly at the waist.

For full corsets, we strongly recommend that you opt for a custom fit if you have any of the following issues:

     - the position of the waistline on off-the-peg clothing is usually too high or too low 
     - you are taller or shorter than average (average height for clothing is 5'4" to 5'6")
     - you do *not* wear a B or C cup bra 

For underbust corsets, bust size is obviously not an issue, although body length and proportion may still affect comfort. Waspies, cinchers and sports corsets are less affected by body length and proportion as they are designed to only be tight-fitting at the waistline.

For full corsets, whether you choose off-the-peg or custom, a fitting a absolutely essential to ensure that your corset is comfortable and fits in the right places as it should.


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