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And the bride(s) wore…

…blue and red.

Another wedding and another bride, well, two actually. I have a fascination for the unusual and it is always more fun creating dresses that are not your usual bridal attire. On this occasion, the gowns had a Victorian flavour and did not involve white, ivory or any of the usual shades associated with brides. One bride was in a full length red coat-dress and the other was corseted and bustled in blue, as you can see below.

I hope to have more pictures of both brides to post up soon. Both looked absolutely stunning, though it may be immodest to say so, but I did get a great deal of pleasure in seeing them in my gowns.
The brides also invited me to the reception, so I got a rare opportunity to dance my stockings off (and anyone who knows me will know how much I enjoy that) 😀

Like An Arrow?

More like an Exocet! Time has flown by at supersonic speed the last couple of months, largely because I have been so incredibly busy I suspect. So what have I been up to that has kept me so busy? Mainly finishing outfits for a faerie wedding – bride, groom and best man.

Handfasting May 08
You can see more pics of the day via the link from my homepage

There always seems to be far more finishing that I expect – the frogging on the groom’s coat was all hand made and hand stitched on and as for hand finishing the hems on the full-skirted frock coats, well, I won’t even go there. It was all worth the effort though 🙂

In addition to all that, I have also been blogging for Violet Green, doing their April Sock Club, though I must admit that time rather got away from me and the final sock pics didn’t quite get there in April 🙁

Time is pressing once more and I have plenty more to do, but I will post again soon 🙂