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ouija_zps74bc4147So here we are Blog Hopping again. For this Samhain Blog Hop, we were asked to:

 to discuss or show, via the Tarot or any other oracle, who you would invite to an afternoon tea on the Day of the Dead. What do you imagine they’d be like? What Tarot card (or cards!) would represent them? What would you ask them? What would you like to learn from them? Your “guest” can be living, or dead, but imagine them there and then represent them in a Tarot card (or more).



Love is…?

HeartWelcome to the Samhain edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. Our wrangler, Alison, has elected to depart from the usual themes associated with this time of year and opted for the topic of “Love”.  Not for her the thinning of veils or pagan festivals and suchlike, but an entirely unrelated topic…or is it?  Love in the time of curcubits. What’s not to love? 😀


A Message from the Dark Side

Welcome to the Samhain/Hallowe’en edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. You can find links to the posts preceding and following this one and also the master list at the bottom of the page, as usual. The theme of this Blog Hop is “Exploring Your Shadow Side”. Well, if you’ve tuned in to find out about all my dark secrets, I’m afraid you’re going to be disappointed. You see, as a well-adjusted as a schizophrenic as a Gemini, I don’t have a shadow side as such; all of my facets are on display…in carefully selected doses…to carefully selected people of course, but essentially, what you see is what you get , dark bits and all 😀