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How Does My Garden Grow?

Just like this…Enjoy! 😀


Garden of Delights

No, really, this is not a badly drawn butterfly, it’s real.

Found this little fellow in the garden yesterday, well, at least two of them actually. When they are in flight, all you see is a flash of shocking pink. I’ve never seen anything like it before and I’m almost certain it’s Life imitating Art, in this case, a child’s painting of a butterfly. The grey is precisely the shade that the white paint goes in a child’s paintbox after repeatedly being used with a none-too-clean paintbrush, and the pink has clearly been daubed on with a highlighter pen after all else has failed.


Life, Death and The Green Shoots of Recovery

There’s no doubt about it. Despite the continuing cold and, in places, snowy weather, Spring is definitely on its way. The sun feels that little bit warmer when it is out, the days noticeably longer and I can feel the sap of creativity and enthusiasm rising within, banishing the urge to curl up and hibernate. Death may be ever-present, but the dominance of his long shadow and confident stride are receding in the face of the breaking dawn of new life.