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Nature’s Harvest

Amanita Muscaria

Amanita Muscaria

I love this time of year.* The summery weather has not entirely run its course (at least it hadn’t when I started writing this post a few weeks ago), the trees are still mostly in full, green leaf and there are still plenty of daylight hours in which to enjoy the mild and (hopefully) sunny weather, but it is also cooler than high summer. Why is this a good thing, you may ask. Well, it means that you can start doing all the things that it’s too hot for, like having the oven on for Sunday roasts, walking without wilting, and knitting**, not to mention to exciting prospect of the wide variety of forage and harvests in evidence.

*in truth, I love every time of year, just for different reasons.
** of course you can knit all year round but having a lump of warm woolly stuff in your lap when it’s 30C is not at all comfortable.  (That Oxford comma is quite deliberate btw.)


Time flies like an arrow…

…and fruit flies like a banana, but not nearly as much as they like my quietly decaying mountain of apples and pears 🙁

In my best efforts to bake, cook and eat the stuff as swiftly as possible, I’d neglected to take the bin bag of bruised offcuts to the outside bin quickly enough and opened the bin to a small swarm of the buggers this morning. Bin bag was duly sealed and trotted outdoors together with any obviously hopeless fruit and the remaining fruit installed in the fridge out of harm’s (and flies’ way).

Today’s effort Toffee Apple Flapjacks spoiled slightly by insufficient plain toffees and DD’s insistence on including the Licorice ones (no, they’re yucky!). Oh well, I’m away this weekend, so won’t have to eat any.

Health Hazards of Homegrown Fruit

What could be healthier than growing your own, organic (assuming you don’t use pesticides) fruit, I hear you ask. It has to be better than paying for fruit from the supermarket, right? Well, let me tell you.


Strange Fruit

I returned from Herstmonceux Medieval Festival yesterday afternoon. After a rather quicker journey (including a pub lunch) than on the outward leg, which took 6 hours thanks to one of the tyres on the trailer disintegrating en route. (more…)