One Year On

It’s been a year since our lives changed dramatically due to Covid and lockdown. Last March, my Tough Times post included a “Year Ahead” Tarot reading in light of this. Today. I too a look back to see how accurate it had been. Take a look at the original post (I haven’t edited it since, even to correct the odd typo), and see what you think. (more…)

My Year in Numbers

A brief numerical roundup of last year…

2020 – the year in question

0-0 – vision of how the year would turn out

1 – trading events attended

16 – booked trading events cancelled

3 – lockdowns

2 – family members seen

9 – family members not seen in 2020 (excluding partners)

0 (of 1) – family weddings attended 

2490 – miles driven in 2020 (of which almost half prior to March lockdown)

6800 – fewer miles driven than in 2019

 90 – books read (about a dozen of these on audio)

 >250 – masks made

<6 – pub visits since March 

1 – new job

0 – loaves of bread baked during lockdown

0 – patience left for this situation




Pressing The Reset Button

We live in interesting times. There is so much divisiveness, anxiety, paranoia, anger, fear and uncertainty sloshing about in out lives that it is hardly surprising that most people are, to a greater or lesser degree, flailing around trying to find some equilibrium. I’ve always thought of myself as reasonably stable (within my definition of that anyway), but this year has been a strain even on my mental wellbeing. This weekend I had a bit of a reset and everything seems much better today, so I thought I’d share a few things in case it helps anyone else. (more…)

Fat Fun

CheesecakeYep, this a fatty post*. With all this lockdown business, lots of people have been pigging out on cake exercising their baking skills and I am no exception. I finally decided that it was time to attempt my sister’s baked cheesecake. We all have our specialities when it comes to family gatherings and this is one of hers. In our family, recipes tend to be vague and proportion-based, and always open to experimentation, which is how we like it. My sister maintains that her cheesecake comes out different every time, and why not! 

*the fat referred to here is in the cheese, not around my midriff…well, mostly. 


Tough Times

I have been quite busy recently, with one thing and another, not least the installation of a spanky (and long overdue) new bathroom* including, for the very first time, my own shower. I still prefer a bit of a hot soak in the bath (good for getting the chill and aches out of the old bones), but given the very poor water pressure in our house, the electric shower is proving an attractive alternative.  Building work is always disruptive and messy so it’s fair to say that I didn’t get a lot done in the last couple of weeks…well, apart from tiling, that is, and lots of running around sourcing bits and pieces for the bathroom. Then, just as the end was in sight and I was free to resume prepping stock for the outdoor fair season…BAM! Covid-19! Well, that was a bolt from the blue for all of us, wasn’t it?


Chicken Times

Well, it’s been a busy few months with one thing and another and still there is no end in sight to headless chicken mode! This week has been “Back to School” week, but mine have both finished school now and yet, I’m still running around like said headless chicken. This is mostly the fault of South Western Trains.

Here’s why.


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