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A Modular Delight

Welcome to my first review for the United Inkdom group and my own Inky Fingers blog category. I write about a number of diverse topics on this blog, but if pens, ink and stationery are your thing and you want to read future reviews, you can shortcut to the relevant posts by selecting the Inky Fingers category in the side bar.

I’m very excited to be part of this review group, not least because the postman brought some really special items for me today. I thought I’d start with this jaw-droppingly amazing little Pocket Fountain Pen from Inventery. The box is surprisingly compact, considering it contains all this:


In its “pocket” mode, the pen measures just 100mm closed, and when the cap is posted (it screws on at both ends), it is 135mm, making it a rather more convenient length for use. A tidy little pocket pen, with a barrel just long enough for a short cartridge. Great, but it is so much more just than that! They call it a modular pen and they aren’t kidding. In order to use the converter, since the pocket version of the barrel is too short, there’s an extension which just screws neatly in between the barrel and grip section. Voil√†, you have a full sized pen, measuring 128mm closed.

The nib can also be unscrewed from the grip section to be replaced by a rollerball tip, which uses the same ink system as the fountain pen nib, either cartridge or converter*. How cool is that? 

*I believe these are International Standard fit, but the manufacturer is silent in this regard, so you’d need to check.

If you thought that was all, you’d be mistaken. The clip unscrews and can be replaced by one of the three cap tops you see in the bottom right of the box: a plain top, a stylus top (the squishy rubber doohickey for use with tablets etc.) and a keyring top, which has a little extension with a hole, through which you can attach a ring or chain. Personally, I’d be too concerned about it getting scratched up by keys to attach it to my key ring, but I can see the attraction of being able to wear it on a chain or lanyard if you don’t have pockets, (a common problem in women’s clothing).

I must admit that I do love a clever, well-made gadget and a stylish, well-made, metal pen, so this ticks all my boxes in that regard. The burning question though, is whether it performs as well as it looks. Let’s see, shall we?


If you can’t be bothered to wade through my handwritten review (or can’t read my scribble), in summary:


  • the permutations…the gadgetry
  • ability to use FP ink with a rollerball
  • solid and well-made construction
  • writes well both as a FP and a rollerball

I absolutely love the versatility – I’m a sucker for a clever gadget.


  • Short grip section
  • Quite heavy, especially posted at full size.

I really like it, but it can be rather weighty and the grip section is just a little too short for me to hold comfortably.

My dented finger after a short period writing

If you favour a lightweight, non-metal bodied pen, then this one is not for you. If you like sleek styling and a solidly constructed brass gadget, then you’ll love this. It is, however, not a budget pen, retailing at USD165 (plus shipping, VAT and duty to the UK, which will add up to a lot more). That said, it is very well made from solid brass, so probably worth the price tag if you need one in your life.

As for the versatility, Q would be impressed, Bond perhaps less so, since there is (sadly) no grenade attachment.(Besides, that was just a Parker Vector – to explode this pen would be such a waste). Though, I’m sure those clever Inventery bods could come up with one that fires tranquilliser/poison darts at your enemies if they wanted. 

All the sections are precision machined in brass. This particular model is in a Brushed Chrome finish with a chrome F nib, but it is also available in Onyx* and Brass** with a choice of F or EF nibs in either Chrome or Gold***.

* the only choice for a self-respecting Bond Villain
** perfect for those Steampunk moments (I’m sure a brass telescope attachment could be added)
*** finger. Sorry, I just can’t get the Bond thing out of my head now!

Disclaimer:  Any views expressed here are purely personal opinions and are in no way influenced by the manufacturer, MI6 or anyone else, (though perhaps very slightly by Ian Fleming). The items in this post are on loan for review purposes only.


28 September 2018