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Covering Up

Welcome to my second review for United Inkdom. This time I will be looking at the other item I received in the post that brought me the Inventery Pocket Pen, the rather lovely A5 Notebook Cover from Elrohir Leather


A Modular Delight

Welcome to my first review for the United Inkdom group and my own Inky Fingers blog category. I write about a number of diverse topics on this blog, but if pens, ink and stationery are your thing and you want to read future reviews, you can shortcut to the relevant posts by selecting the Inky Fingers category in the side bar.

I’m very excited to be part of this review group, not least because the postman brought some really special items for me today. I thought I’d start with this jaw-droppingly amazing little Pocket Fountain Pen from Inventery. The box is surprisingly compact, considering it contains all this: (more…)

A Bit Grimm

weblogoImagine my delight at receiving the lovely Arthur Rackham Oracle as an anniversary gift from my DH on Saturday! Rackham was a prolific illustrator and even if you aren’t familiar with his name, you’ll almost certainly have come across some of his images. The 80 cards in this deck are derived from only four of the forty-two books he illustrated: Grimm’s Fairy Tales (two volumes), Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Ibsen’s Peer Gynt, and they are absolutely lovely.


Photo Fun

As you may be aware, I quite enjoy tinkering with photos, both in terms of taking them (I used to do a lot of photography once upon a time) and also tinkering with exposure, colour balance and effects to create, well, something that makes me smile 😀 All of these things used to be a case of getting the photo itself absolutely right and praying that the D&P shop wouldn’t mess it up, or dicking about in the darkroom creating print after print for hours on end, but have been made so much easier (and more fun) but today’s digital tools.*  I love being able to try things out and revert instantly before trying something else until I am satisfied. So imagine my delight at discovering another little time-saving bit of software for messing about with making photo collages in the form of CollageIt.