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Sun-Cartoon-CharacterIt’s a beautiful morning here in the Shires and, despite a slight chill in the morning air, it definitely feels like Spring is here. Much beer was consumed and quizzes quizzed last night, but there is nary a hint of overhang (and we came a respectable third) and I am full of springy joys. Huzzah! (more…)

All Things Being Equal

squirrelWelcome to the Spring Fling Tarot Blog Hop. For this edition, I volunteered to be wrangler and for the topic, I asked our bloggers what they would change to bring the Tarot into the modern day (or if they thought the archetypes so archetypical that nothing need be changed).




Tarot Blog Hop Spring 2015

10329296_1421073688154919_6295224645325141367_nWelcome to the Master list for the Tarot Blog Hop for Spring 2015.

I am the “wrangler” for this edition of the Hop and asked participants to consider whether the standard Tarot deck needed to be updated for modern times.


Life, Death and The Green Shoots of Recovery

There’s no doubt about it. Despite the continuing cold and, in places, snowy weather, Spring is definitely on its way. The sun feels that little bit warmer when it is out, the days noticeably longer and I can feel the sap of creativity and enthusiasm rising within, banishing the urge to curl up and hibernate. Death may be ever-present, but the dominance of his long shadow and confident stride are receding in the face of the breaking dawn of new life.