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Cold, Frankenstein and Grrr!

AdsDear Marketing People,

You need to know that your adverts tend to leave me cold at best. Starting to market Christmas the second that Hallowe’en is over (and sometimes before) is guaranteed to piss people off and, quite frankly, spoil the whole holiday for us because we are so sick of it by the time it comes around. I realise that you have to start thinking about these things in July, but there really is no reason to inflict your pain on the rest of us. It’s getting so that I almost expect Hallowe’en outfits to include Santa suits. (No, don’t get any ideas!)


Festive Musings

5083You know how when you hear a snatch of a tune that you know well, even if your attention is elsewhere, some bit of your brain recognises it and immediately sits up to take notice, as if you’d heard your name spoken? Well, I was pottering away on the computer with the TV on in the background, using my built in mental ad filter (the one that allows me to totally tune out all forms of advertising unless I choose to look/listen), when I suddenly caught just such a snippet. It was very subtle and possibly even being spoken over, (my filter was still on for that irrelevant bit, so I can’t be sure), but I caught enough to recognise it as Siouxsie and the Banshees. It amuses me hugely that the rebellious punk bands of my youth are now regarded as suitable soundtrack material for marketing. The funny thing is the often huge inappropriateness of the songs.


Scents and Sensibility

I found myself posting on Facebook last night in response to the deluge of arty-farty perfume ads that pervade our TV viewing at this time of year. Look beyond the obvious glamour and artiness and you have to wonder about some of them: “What the hell were they thinking?”

There is one, in particular that has caught my attention, but for all the wrong reasons, I suspect. I’m afraid I can’t say what it was an advert for, not because I don’t want to name the product , but simply because I don’t know. Adverts tend to leave me apathetic* or bemused, in this case, the latter.

So I will just have to describe it. Here’s how it went: