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Postcards from 2015

2-postcard_back-am-final-flatwAs the song says: Another year over, and what have we done?

Well, I don’t know about you, but here¬†is a summary of my year, in pictures ūüėÄ

Cameras copy

The old and the new


Bloody Super!

MoonI’m up and about for the third time this morning, thanks to two alarms and a dog, who woke me up at 2am, rather earlier than the 3am alarm I’d set to get me up for the total Lunar Eclipse this morning. In fact, having barely managed to get back to sleep, I almost failed to get up altogether and did miss the initial phase. I’m very glad that I did though, as it was quite a spectacular sight.

As you may be aware, photography and astronomy are two of my favouritest-est things, (the thumbnail pic is one I took earlier in the year), so the opportunity to snap our nearest cosmic neighbour decked out in festive colour was too good to miss, despite much bleariness of eye and brain.


The Eye of the Beholder

horrified-thumbWelcome to the Beltane edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. Our wrangler for this hop, Morgan, has asked us to write about “distasteful” cards—the cards that evoke a strong negative reaction”.





If you’re wondering why I’ve been a bit quiet lately, it’s because I’ve been on my jollidays! I like my holidays to be exhausting* and this one has been no exception. I’ve never seen the point of going somewhere just to sit around on your arse doing nothing – I could more easily, comfortably and cheaply do that by staying at home – so we’ve had an action-packed week¬†in¬†lovely Cornwall ūüėÄ

*well, not really exhausting, but active enough to make the trip worthwhile


Sun, Moon and Stars


© Fred Espenak

This is an astronomically exciting week!¬†Not only do we have a Supermoon sneaking up on us on Thursday (it’s a New Moon, so won’t be visible), but it’s all set to blot out (most of) the Sun on Friday in a partial eclipse as well. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s also the Vernal Equinox, which means that, despite the vagaries of the weather, Spring has sprung. Yay!


Past and Present

vintage snapperMany years ago, (no, that’s not a picture of me!), I became quite interested in photography. I got my first SLR when I was 18 and in the pursuit of this hobby, I eventually¬†acquired quite an impressive array of photographic kit, mostly¬†Pentax, who were, IMO, by far and away the best of breed when it came to optics and pleasingly compact SLR cameras.

I took a lot of pictures.

I had fun taking a lot of pictures.

Some of them were even passably good.



BATSThere is much excitement here at Ania M HQ. Not only is birthday season coming up, (we each have our own month month, starting with DH in March and ending with me in June), but LOTS of projects are starting to come together and creative ideas are flying around like a cloud of bats. (Yes, that is the collective term.)

This year is a big one for myself and DH as we’re both *cough*-ty. The difficulty when you get to this advanced and doddering age is that you have acquired most of what you need and it becomes harder to think of something you might want that you don’t already have.

I have managed to come up with something! ūüėÄ