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Postcards from 2015

2-postcard_back-am-final-flatwAs the song says: Another year over, and what have we done?

Well, I don’t know about you, but here is a summary of my year, in pictures 😀

Cameras copy

The old and the new

After a lengthy hiatus, I rediscovered photography using a proper (albeit digital) camera…

…and made inroads into my photographic Tarot deck project :


I didn’t quite manage to complete the whole of the Major Arcana in 2015, but I’m close!


I completed 15 (almost 16) knitting and crochet projects:


I haven’t photographed all of them yet

You may suppose that I have succeeded in reducing my stash, but no, a quick check of my stash on Ravelry tells me that I purchased…OMFG!!! 20,354.6 metres of yarn in 2015! What was I thinking?!! 😮  Oh, I know…lovely…smooshy…yaaaarn…:P To be fair, I did use some up…errm…3,865 metres of that, as part of the 11k metres I used up in total. Oh well, only and additional 16.5k metres to use up this year…ummm…in addition to the other *cough* 73k metres in my stash. At current work rate, that’s only another 8 years worth :/

It was a big year for family gatherings (and friends too):


In addition to the usual Easter and Christmas gatherings, we also had a family holiday (Cornwall), a rare birthday party for me, a wedding and catching up with my Good and Evil(ler) Twins. Fun times! 😀

I even managed to do some work too and found myself at a wide variety of locations and time periods:


From Romans to WWII, via the Medieval, Tudor and Napoleonic

TBH, it wasn’t the best year I’ve had work-wise, so here’s hoping for a better one in 2016. Many happy times had with fellow traders and friends who came to visit 🙂

There were also many reminders of what a wonderful world we live in:


And last, but not least, I achieved balance (in other words, I lost some weight and then put it back on again) Must try harder in 2016! ;D



3 January 2016

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  1. Slight correction to the scary crafting stats brings my stash down to 8 years worth and not 11. Phew!

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