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boxIt’s gone! Left, deserted, bailed, quit, abdicated and, to all intents and purposes, buggered off.

Yes, my inspiration has taken my muse away to languish on some far distant shore and abandoned me to the January Blues with nary even a bottle of wine in which to take solace. My motivation has left in disgust and the doldrums are conspiring with the dust bunnies, sniggering at my despair from beneath the sofa. The box of tricks is empty, the cupboard bare, my creativity has fled, gone, as we say, for a burton.

There are so many things I should be doing right now, but I just can’t seem to tear myself away from the most god-awful time-wasting on the internet to do them*. It could be the after-effect of losing the entirety of last week to accounts and tax-returns…and having to rebuild DS’ computer which went up in flames (literally)…and not being able to sleep properly for several days on either side of the full moon…and spending ages trying to work out why the fridge isn’t cold and then it suddenly starting to work again just as I’m about to get someone in to fix it…or trying to manage my cashflow when it’s all in one direction (the wrong one).  So perhaps I just needed time to recover from that.

I’m fine with the armchair action…you know, where you think about all the things you need to do and how you’re going to do them, without actually getting off your bum and getting on with it. Always having the best ideas when half-asleep or in the bath or driving, when it’s totally impossible to act on them or even make a note to ensure they aren’t forgotten.

*to be fair, I am making great progress on a crochet blanket, but that doesn’t really count as it’s not what I should be doing.

Now, I desperately need a kick-start…or perhaps just a kick up the arse.

C-   Can do better!

Why am I having this public whinge instead of getting on with it, you may wonder. Well, this is my kick, my public promise to myself that I will get on with it next week.

I have:

  • alterations to finish
  • stock to make – bags, corsets, hats, garlands
  • warm dresses to make for myself and DD for the early season shows
  • more events to book
  • fabrics to sort through
  • photos to take for my Tarot deck
  • card images to plan
  • finish a deck review
  • filing to do (I can probably skip that until I’m really bored)


OK, that’s it…I’m off to get on with it before the size of the list makes me panic… 😮

Meanwhile, I have managed to book and upload some of my forthcoming events here:


Hey, I did something this week! 😀





29 January 2016

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  1. Onward! 🙂

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