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Wheel of Misfortune

So, there I was, pootling along the M4, with a car full of family and a trailer full of Medieval tent and all the other paraphenalia required for a weekend’s trading at Firejoust, when there is a sudden clunk and shudder. I glance in the wing mirror to see my trailer wheel bouncing across three lanes of motorway into the fast lane.


Travails in Essex – Part 3 (The Journey Home)

A very good weekend has been had by all, disasters have been surmounted and all that remains is to pack up and head for home, warm baths and dinner.

I join the throng of traders trooping off to retrieve their vehicles and the subsequent queue of cars and vans waiting to get back in through the gate. I head over to where the trailer has lain in various states of repair all weekend and haul it over to hitch it up to the car. Something doesn’t seem right.


Travails in Essex – Part 2 (Wonderful People)

So, having been rescued from the verge of the A12 and almost certain dessication and carbon monoxide poisoning, we find ourselves in a paradisical oasis called “Services”. Here we avail ourselves of the facilities; food, water and toilets, all the trappings of civilisation, are once again within our reach.