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Dee Sock Progress

I have stalled slightly on the Dee commemorative sock, named the Kitty Committee Sock. The pattern was pretty much finished, but when I came to do the cat cuff, I wasn’t happy with how it looked so need to rework the pattern. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) I have been very busy lately so it has fallen by the wayside slightly. However, I hope to be back on the case shortly. Meanwhile, here are some pics of the work so far…

Shaken and very stirred

I attended the funeral of my dear friend Dee today. It was both wonderful and agonising. I am not good with funerals – I find death very difficult to cope with, but because Dee and I had spoken about the possibility on a number of occasions and I had found so many happy memories in the last couple of weeks, I thought it would be alright. I really wanted to say something in memory of my friend, but when it came to it, it was so much harder than I imagined. The good thing about it though, was the opportunity to meet some if her other lovely friends and a comfort to know how well loved she had been.
I have attached a pdf copy of what I said at the funeral here.
My Eulogy

Farewell My Lovely

How does one begin to express the sense of loss felt over the death of a close friend without resorting to cliche and platitiude. Perhaps it is best not to try, since such expressions become cliched because they embody instantly understandable emotions in a comfortingly familiar form and thus spare one the anguish of groping for words to express the raw and personal pain.