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Sun-Cartoon-CharacterIt’s a beautiful morning here in the Shires and, despite a slight chill in the morning air, it definitely feels like Spring is here. Much beer was consumed and quizzes quizzed last night, but there is nary a hint of overhang (and we came a respectable third) and I am full of springy joys. Huzzah!


Of gorse it’s a lovely day



Walking the dog this morning, the sun is shining and the skies are blue…(I’m sure there’s a song about that and if not, there ought to be)… and I wish I taken a proper camera out with me, instead of just my phone… (that bit’s probably not in the song)






Spot the cow

The stealth cows are lurking in the woods, with their hairy, fringed leather jackets and big sharp pointy weapons,  ready to leap out at unsuspecting passers-by.

Or perhaps not and they’re just mooching about indifferently, like bored teenagers with nothing better to do than chew… (oh my, I’m even rhyming today!)


Just chewin’






Anycow, wherever you are and whatever you are doing today, I hope it is full of sunshine, spring and foolishness.

Happy April Fool’s Day! 😀




1 April 2015

4 Comments to “Sprung”

  1. Hope no-one pranks you (too badly!!) today 😀

  2. LOL how cool that you have random loose cows 🙂

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