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The Fine Line

Welcome to another edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. Our wrangler has given us the Mabon theme of “how can the balance be restored”, but before we explore that, here are the navigation links:


Oh boy, is this an apt theme for me at the moment! If you read my last post, you’ll know just how out of balance things have been for me lately. So how to address this?

I think the problem is that I like to try new things, but I also a sense of responsibility towards persevering with existing projects. Sort of like a magpie with a sense of commitment to a carpet bag full of slightly tarnished (formerly shiny) things. To be fair, I do try to put the less important things (including the ones I am itching to try but just don’t have the time) on a back burner when I’m really busy. And to schedule more critical jobs ahead of the ones with longer deadlines, but what tends to happen then is that new priorities pop up to fill in the spaces and I end up frantically trying to finish things 5 minutes before the deadline. I know, you’ve been there too, right?

To give you an example: it’s September, with the quiet season for events (I only have 3 more this year) stretching off into the distance and I’m having fond thoughts about all the time I’ll have to make this and that, try a few new things, deal with some of the domestic chores that have been neglected and maybe even be able to put my feet up now and again and recharge my batteries. That’s what I was thinking on my way home from my last event two weekends ago, anyway. Nope, the universe has different ideas and suddenly I am deluged with work (most of it coming in on the same day!) and I have my most stressful week of the year so far. Argh! It’s just a relentless Two of Pentacles situation with endless plate-spinning, but i suppose it’s what I’m used to :/

But then my life seems to go in extremes – stupidly busy with events all summer and somehow…er…still stupidly busy over winter, but just not generating much income. So, getting to the point of this post now, how does the Tarot think I can bring some (just a teensy bit will do) balance back into my life? 

Obviously, the next step is to pull a card and this is what came out…

LOL It seems the Tarot thinks I need to get out more! Another example of the Tarot having a laugh at my expense 😀 

Actually, I have a reasonably decent social life. I go out on a Wednesday or Thursday almost every week with friends for a pub quiz. DH and I usually visit the pub at least once a week, (almost daily over summer when it was so hot that there was nothing for it but to decamp to the air-conditioned comfort of the local), for a drink*, a plot and scheme or just a chat, and often eat out afterwards. Over the summer when I am trading away, I see friends and have company, although I can get a bit introverted over the winter months. It’s been a while since I was really isolated as a result of working at home alone though – after all, there is always the Social Media Life. Come to think of it, maybe the Tarot is trying to tell me that I’d get more done if I spent less time online and just stuck to RL socialising! But then, I’d miss my distant RL friends with whom I mostly only interact online. What’s a girl to do?  

*I’m currently not drinking alcohol for the month of September in aid of a good friend’s fundraiser for Children’s Brain Cancer. Should you feel like donating, your contribution would be most welcome and can be given via FB here

I began writing this post with the title and not much idea of where I would end up. It seems that there really is a fine line to getting the balance right. We have so much more to think about and do these days and it requires a level of discipline that I suspect very few of us manage to get right. I spend far too much time online (or just on the computer) disappearing down one rabbit hole or another and then wondering where the day has gone. I’m kicking back a little by using pen and ink more and trying not to get too distracted, but it’s not easy, particularly being self-employed. I’m the only one around to kick my butt to get on with one particular job or another, and I have nobody to delegate to if I’m overloaded. 

Alternatively, perhaps the Tarot is just complaining about my self-imposed temperance and is suggesting that I get back to my latest mission: to work my way through sampling ALL THE GINS! (I started in July and had managed to try 35 before hopping onto the wagon for September.) 

So, do I step away from the computer and go out or do I go out? Erm, how is that supposed to help? Oh, I give up! I never can read the cards for myself – I’m off out to the pub quiz and a (gin-less) G&T. Roll on October!

Oh, and in case you didn’t see the note above and because we are talking about balance, please spare a copper or two in honour of (my) Temperance by donating to a very worthy charity in aid of Children’s Brain Cancer here. TIA. It will give you an enormous sense of wellbeing and restore your equilibrium, I promise 🙂

If would also be kind enough to leave a comment below before you leave, I’d appreciate that too 🙂




21 September 2018

11 Comments to “The Fine Line”

  1. Wow… Such a mixed bag you have right now! I have no answers for you; maybe a suggestion… have someone else give you a reading. I may give you more clarity. Just a thought to share. Have a fabulous weekend!!! 🙂

  2. You really made me think this time, Ania. Thanks for the good ideas. I am working on it…

  3. Oh, boy, did your talk about possibly spending less time on social media and more time connecting in real lifebring some things up for me. I may have to pull some cards to dig into that!

  4. I’m looking forward to the gincyclopedia, which I assume you will share with us! A resource like that cannot be kept to yourself.

  5. I think it is to celebrate with others in all the ways possible. It is a Yes to a drinkless September. 😀

  6. I love when the tarot laughs at us! Makes it so easy to read and I think your reading is right on since September has come to a close. Enjoy!

  7. “We have so much more to think about and do these days and it requires a level of discipline that I suspect very few of us manage to get right.”

    Yes never a truer word written, more so when I see this within my own life.

    • Yes, I noticed from your posts that you seem to be in much the same situation. Here’s hoping we both manage to master the balancing act!

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