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New beginnings

Welcome to the Imbolc Tarot Blog Hop, in which our wrangler has asked us how we can “best foster the energy of the Aces” in our lives. Before I explore this topic, here are the navigation links for this Hop:


Aces are all about beginnings, but (as a card player) it occurred to me that as well as being the lowest ranking card in the suit, an ace can sometimes be the highest. Certainly, in colloquial expressions “Ace” usually means good or the best. Nobody ever used “Flying Ace” to describe a beginner just starting out on their wobbly first training flight, or for a tennis player just about managing to return the ball over the net. Nope, the images conjured up by “Ace” are definitely more in the realm of advanced aerobatics and 140mph serves. So, do we consider Aces as merely the first steps, or as containing the potential for the highest achievement?

Why not both? I like the idea of “From Potential to Pinnacle, so I was going to knock up a little spread to see how we could achieve just that, but due to a failure to achieve the pinnacle of my mental prowess (epic Ace of Swords fail), I made a mistake in the Blog Hop date and thought it was due out tomorrow. Thus, I am also going to trash my Ace of Pentacles potential, to ensure my body becomes an athletic temple, and aim lower – glass of wine to two should do it. That should work for my Ace of Cups emotional potential too – I predict that someone will be “my best mate ever” by the end of the evening. As for my Ace of Wands mission, I will aim to hit my 10,000 steps for the day before I slide into a dishevelled tipsy heap and despair of my ability to achieve my mission of getting a Blog Hop out on time.

Apologies for disruption, normal service will be resumed as soon as I have got the hang of this Ace energy (wanders off shaking head and muttering “and it all began so promisingly”)





1 February 2017

9 Comments to “New beginnings”

  1. Well, you fostered some laughter on my part, so thanks for that!

  2. I’ll raise an Ace of Cups to that! Great point about Ace being the pinnacle–I would gladly have given you an extension! 😉

    • Thanks, but that wouldn’t really have been fair on all the people who were paying attention properly 😀

  3. Hey Ania!

    Quite interesting thoughts there, that the Ace represents not just the beginning but also the looping end as we recycle into the next progression, the next learning and growing journey cycle! 🙂


  4. Ha! Thanks! I’m thoroughly enjoying your abnormal services 🙂

  5. LOL I have a magnet that reminds me to “drink til their cute.”

  6. Loved it and laughed…but also thinking deeply here. The beginning AND the pinnacle…hmmmm….

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