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One Year On

It’s been a year since our lives changed dramatically due to Covid and lockdown. Last March, my Tough Times post included a “Year Ahead” Tarot reading in light of this. Today. I too a look back to see how accurate it had been. Take a look at the original post (I haven’t edited it since, even to correct the odd typo), and see what you think.

March 2020: 4 Cups (Rx) 

This was the start of the first lockdown and the time it became apparent that an awful lot was changing. It was certainly an emotionally challenging time for all of us and being able to communicate with friends did help.

April: Wheel of Fortune

I don’t think I’ve ever felt less in control and more at the mercy of external forces. The Wheel starts to turn insofar as action is being taken, but none of us are going anywhere (literally). Behind the scenes, wheels are in motion – human vaccine trials begin, the first Nightingale hospital opens, the Queen addresses the nation at Easter (a first), and I spend pretty much the whole of this month trying to avoid anxiety through escapism into books. I read 17 books in April, compared to one per month in January to March. The weather is glorious and the clear skies (no planes) and empty streets (no cars and few people) are actually quite nice.

May: 3 of Wands

Very much of a “where do we go from here” month, for me and I am sure many others, as it becomes clear that we aren’t getting out of this any time soon. More reading for me (only 9 this month). I find myself surprisingly busy and looking at a change of direction into mask making, thanks to a request from an existing client. Lockdown continues.

June: The Devil

Outwardly, there is a slight easing of restrictions, but the Health Protection Regulations come into effect. These allow the government free rein to impose restrictions as they see fit. The Devil indeed! I am offered a job and am set to become a wage slave for the first time in almost 20 years, though nothing much happens about it this month. Local lockdowns begin.

July: 2 of Swords

Nobody really knows what is happening. There’s a hokey cokey of local lockdowns, international restrictions and reopenings. Many jobs are lost as the Government fails to extend financial support in a timely manner. Tom Moore is knight (with one sword), critics sharpen another over the handling of the pandemic. Deals are signed for vaccines from various companies. We are mostly between a rock and a hard place and nobody quite knows which way to jump or how things will go. Do I place my bets on events resuming (unlikely) or hold out for the job coming through? Not much movement either way.

August: 4 of Pentacles

Some normality returns in a limited way. The meaning of “it’s like Picadilly Circus” is reversed in my mind to mean it’s deserted, as I take a trip to London and marvel at the post-apocalyptic emptiness of the streets. Another cash injection for the government helps the self-employed, but wage slavery it is, as it is looking unlikely that there are any other options for me and I start my new job. Some stability then, but a lot of risk-aversion on many levels.

September: 7 of Swords

A tricky card at the best of times. Was someone being sneaky and underhand? Or were they removing danger? Probably a bit of both. The “Rule of Six” is introduced, so perhaps our sneaky 7 is just up to good or no good of another kind. With hefty fines being imposed there is a push to grass up your neighbours and police swoop in to break up parties. I wonder if we are going to be living in some nightmare echo of East Germany. People with other health conditions suffer as all the focus remains on Covid. Schools and colleges are reopened and cases are on the rise again. I almost quit my job, but am too bloody-minded to do so. I rather like having a regular income.

October: Tower

Covid cases spike, Brexit talks stall (again), unemployment is at 4.5%, a new lockdown is announced and we have the wettest day on record. A lot of things seem to be crashing down around our ears. I discover that I am a workaholic (again).  Seriously, I’m not sure what the Tower is specifically referring to here. I remember thinking that the limited lockdown that is supposed to finish in December is just another carrot that will be snatched away, but everyone is hanging their hopes on “it’ll all be over by Christmas”. We have heard this before and I do not have a good feeling about it. 

November: 10 of Pentacles

Covid cases fall again and we are all holding out hope for some normality. I haven’t seen most of my family since last Christmas. There is an air of holding our collective breaths and hoping that tit will all be Ok by then. I wonder if there will be riots if the hope is snatched away at the last minute. Mostly, I think this one may be more personal and related to the aforementioned regular income. 

December: Hanged Man

Yep, everything is hanging in the air again. Christmas is cancelled and surprisingly, there are no riots. We just knuckle under and do as we are told. We are told granny has to have her turkey dinner in the freezing garden for her own protection. The weariness is evident. Zoom continues to be as close as we get to social gatherings (wi-fi hangs as well sometimes). Two new vaccines are approved and, as it turns out, most people manage to have a passably good Christmas, as we all just hang about waiting to see what will happen. 

January: 6 Pentacles

Give and take. Cases still going up, but vaccines going out. Jobs lost, but economy not as damaged as anticipated. Brexit, but actually not that much disruption beyond that caused by Covid. Resources have to be managed carefully as the toll taken by schools not reopening, jobs being lost and general January doldrums take hold. But, two new vaccines are approved and things may be starting to balance. The tipping point in the right direction may be on the way.

February: The Star

Hope at last! The figures are still very high but 10 million more are vaccinated during this month alone, doubling the total, and the rollout continues to gain momentum. The end may not exactly be in slight but there is definitely some light on the horizon.


Well, I don’t think the cards were too far off the mark. What do you reckon? Shall I do one for the next 12 month and see how the next year is likely to pan out?


23 March 2021