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Love is…?

HeartWelcome to the Samhain edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. Our wrangler, Alison, has elected to depart from the usual themes associated with this time of year and opted for the topic of “Love”.  Not for her the thinning of veils or pagan festivals and suchlike, but an entirely unrelated topic…or is it?  Love in the time of curcubits. What’s not to love? 😀


So what exactly is love? Love is when the veil is thinnest…no, wait, that’s Samhain …or perhaps I am thinking of Salome <cough>. (Sorry, Alison, couldn’t resist 😀)

Anyhow, so what is love? The usual stream of saccharine platitudes would have you believe that is is all kinds of fluffy stuff, but those are just the side effects of this particular drug. Stripped bare of the mushy sentimentality, we are talking about an addiction, pure and simple. Any or all of: chemical, emotional, physical and mental. In other words, the stamping ground of this chap…


The Devil, who else. As with all the Devil’s temptations, love has a seductive lure, promising euphoria, fulfilment and a happy ever after. But the greater the highs, the worse the lows and there is always a price to pay for your pleasure. (Come on, tell me that buying just one more must-have deck to feed your habit didn’t hurt 😉

Not convinced? Let’s look at the evidence:

  • Once you get a taste, you have to keep coming back for more
  • A good fix makes you high as a kite
  • If you get a bad fix you feel awful but it doesn’t stop the craving
  • The constant craving
  • Withdrawal is a miserable process
  • No matter how many times you go through withdrawal, you still go there again
  • Like any addiction it needs to be fed or you go into withdrawal
You see my point?

So there you have it.  Feed you habit when you have good gear and be prepared to go cold turkey when you haven’t.

Before I leave you to ponder your particular addiction, here are some thin veils (made especially for Alison) …





31 October 2013

15 Comments to “Love is…?”

  1. You know that I shall hunt you down and kill you for all these ‘thin veils’?! I adore the video. But I am still coming to kill you 😀

    Ali x

  2. Oh… that was a sweet fix my friend! 😀

  3. Hah! Good call on the Devil as Love – and your interpretation of thin veils is going to stay with me for days!

  4. Okay I admit it… yes, buying new decks does hurt, and yet I keep going back for more! Gah! I said it… somehow that makes it feel a little better 😉

  5. Funny 🙂 Thank you!!

  6. Too cold for veils, I have thermal-lined curtains 😀

  7. Why is wanting to have every beautiful deck wrong and addictive? I don’t want to have to say:”I am Ellen and I am a deckoholic!” 😀

  8. “Come on, tell me that buying just one more must-have deck to feed your habit didn’t hurt”….hahahahahaha! this is too funny because its so me.

  9. My name is Sharon, I’m a love-a-holic, and the Devil is my bestest bestest friend 😛

    Great post Ania! 😀

  10. Way to bring us straight back to earth, Ania 🙂 Love that song, and the vid, but why is there three minutes of black screen and silence at the end *confused face* Is this for those of us addicted to watching things right through to the end ;D

    • Ah, well spotted. I wondered why it kept insisting the video was 3 minutes longer than I thought it was 😀 Fixing it now 🙂

  11. The whole veil thing reminded me of the ‘virgin’ High Priestess, which is kind of ironic, considering all the sexual leering going on by the observers. Very droll, Ania! I can always count on your at least ‘slightly’ tongue-in-cheek perspective. Awesome!

    Better watch out for Alison, though. She might put out a knitting needle contract on your life…

    • LOL She wouldn’t dare 😀
      There’s plenty of seriousness (and sometimes po-facedness) in Tarot, so someone has to remind people that it is fun 😀 (I will point out that I do take client readings very seriously

  12. Hello, I read your new stuff daily. Your humoristic style is awesome, keep up the
    good work!

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