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Learning Experiences

1376523_10152021001275676_1545808737_nA couple of weeks ago, I spent the weekend in the company of some old school friends (not to mention various chickens, ferrets and cats) at one of our number’s rather gorgeous and very spacious Georgian/Victorian house. Well, with 3 acres, it’s more of an estate really and all of the vegetables we ate for dinner we’d picked fresh from the kitchen garden. If that weren’t enough to elicit envy admiration, her kitchen is bigger than my living room. I wanted to move in! (My DH kindly offered to parcel up and send the dog and Ebay the children).

At the big multi-class school reunion (held at the school) last October, our class vowed to stay in touch and try to get together at least once or twice a year. This is our second get together since (not counting a few of us going to see Pete Murphy). Sadly, most couldn’t make it for one reason or another, but this certainly did not stop a good time being had by all present (as if it would) including a slightly drunken Skype call to Spain to share the good times. (To be fair, we did at least get lunch out of the way before hitting the wine/gin.)

Despite the alcohol consumption, it was a learning experience and these are the things I learned:

  • The passage of time makes little difference to friendship or character
  • Many heads are better than one when it comes to filling gaps in memory. We each remember different things and a more complete picture of all things past is built up from consolidating the various fragments. It is also a lot of fun. (I’m cheating – I knew this already)
  • We all agree that the headmonstress was a vindictive beee-ych
  • Some things are remembered by all and will be for all time
  • I can still solve Maths problems (apparently, the estate owner and I taught the GCE Maths class between us for a term, at our incompetent and very temporary teacher’s request). Anyone who tells you that Algebra and Geometry are something you will never need in later life is sadly mistaken.
  • Those who are not interested in education at school, do not necessarily remain that way
  • There are people in this world who do not like peas….even straight from the pod. I know, shocker! 😮
  • Similar vintage does not necessarily mean similar music taste. Apparently, not everyone enjoys Bauhaus and the Meteors played on vinyl at full volume. Who knew?
  • Of those assembled, we all married people born in the same year. This means we will be having a very busy year for parties come the next milestone birthday.
  • Those of us (of the assembled) with children all have a son whose name begins with “A”.
  • Everybody loves Claudia Roden’s Orange and Almond cake, even if they claim not to like almonds.
  • Bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar make an excellent household cleaner
  • Friends will eat soup made from wild mushrooms that you’ve picked without a second thought

I probably learned some other stuff too, but apparently alcohol affects the memory 😉

16 October 2013
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