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Of Stars, Queens and the World

Last week was an interesting one and further proof for me of the fundamental interconnectedness of all things.

On Monday, I donned my Victorian outfit again and went along to do some filming as an extra. It was a student project, not a big budget movie, but it was a fun day in all and I was glad to help. The action consisted mostly of walking back and forth to build crowd scenes. You would think that would be fairly simple, but there is, it seems, more of an art to walking than you’d imagine, particularly when you are required to arrive at a particular spot at precisely the same time as a number of other people and all get there in a certain order.

The real surprise was how unobtrustive the camera was, how undaunting and easy to ignore. I’d been apprehensive beforehand, never having been filmed and ordinarily camera shy, but it was nothing compared with standing up in front of a roomful of people and giving a talk or presentation, which I have survived unscathed on numerous occasions. So now I am at ease with being filmed. Next stop stardom? Perhaps not – the results may yet send me scurrying for cover when I’ve seen them!

On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to wax lyrical about Tarot, a topic I can discuss until the cows have gone out and come home a few times, left on a gap year travelling and returned to settle down into a respectable 9 to 5 routine.

Whilst Tarot is a part of my life, albeit not on a daily, or sometimes even weekly, basis, it has been something of a background element recently and the opportunity to share my interest rather re-ignited my enthusiasm. Possibly this is why I jumped happily into a Twitter debate on the nature of the Queen of Swords and had a fine time debating her qualities. It made me rather wish that that the forthcoming election was being fought by Court Cards and not politicians – it would be so much more interesting and colourful.

Finally, on Saturday, IĀ  spent the afternoon with friends that I haven’t seen in far too long (almost 2 years). Our children are all old enough now to go off and entertain themselves, leaving the adults to chew the fat, mostly in the shape of Pringles and chocolate cake, in front of a crackling real fire.

I’d forgotten to take along my “handbag” deck, so when I was asked to do some Tarot readings, my friend rounded up her very old deck from the various places it had been scattered. It was touch and go whether the dinosaur and Ben 10 trumps would be needed.Ā  “Beware of a triceratops crossing your path, my dear” or “You will meet a tall, dark, handsome alien” would have been a first!

The nice thing about seeing good friends is that it really doesn’t seem to matter how long it was since you last saw them and you just carry on where you left off.Ā  The very curious thing was that by coincidence (or synchronicity, if you prefer), one of them knew people connected with my Monday adventure and another with Wednesday’s. Small world!

30 March 2010

14 Comments to “Of Stars, Queens and the World”

  1. Yes, I enjoyed that Queen of Swords debate šŸ™‚

    • Indeed šŸ™‚ Not sure if the result was a true convert or a tactical retreat, but it was good šŸ™‚

  2. Damnation – my erudite and incredibly witty reply got zapped when I reloaded the page to try reposting.

    I really enjoyed the QoS debate too. And I know that is neither erudite nor witty, But I have lost my humour mojo because of these ongoing power cuts.

    Back to book reviewing…..

    Ali xxxx

  3. Such an interesting idea, politicians and the court cards. It got me thinking, how much fun it would be if we actually did have a general election with them, just for fun.

    Using the Minor Arcana suits including their court cards for the parties and politicians, we could do a weekly tarot spread/reading on how their doing with the universe, not just the polls.

    One of my favourite things about election night is the Jonathon Snow Swingometer – there has to be a way we can play with this and have fun.

    I was thinking it would perhaps be a great community thing for Tabi, and/or the crew of us on Twitter/Facebook to play with – I’m not so politically minded, but there are those who get really into it.

    What say thee?

    Catherine šŸ™‚

    • I think it would be a fun game, probably on the forum rather than Twitter, which is rather too transient and easy to lose track of, not to mention the 140 char limitation.
      How about – Pick a “Party” (suit) and a character/card, then have a set of issues that you have to state policy on. I think sticking with Courts would be best and there are more than enough real issues to make it interesting, though I could see that could get a little heated and personal in relation to politics, so some ground rules would be needed or just use the minors to represent fictitious issues. If we do all “candidates” respond to each “issue” and poll votes on the responses, we can keep a tally and do an ongoing swingometer.
      How does that sound?

  4. Well, she was kind of out-gunned by all the QoS taking part šŸ˜‰

  5. Sounds great Ania, we should take it to the Boss, see what she says, though I think she’s losing battery on her laptop, we need to get in quick. Which makes me think of the King of Wands – power issues in rural and island areas are not up to national standards and needs addressing.. (did I get your idea right?)

    How much fun will this be šŸ™‚

    • Sort of. Was thinking more along the lines of, if the issue is power, what is your policy as, e.g., King of Wands, for addressing with it. Then other “candidates” would post their responses. KoW would presumably want some fairly forceful and dynamic method with a swift outcome, (umm, I dunno, immediately convert power stations to burn the Welsh instead of coal or something ;), whereas KoS might advocate setting up a committee to examine all possible solutions before committing.
      Perhaps involves too much political/creative thinking though?

  6. Perhaps we need a re-think? Lol, need to set up one of those quangos and brainstorm for a solution in the bar and restaurant of a five-star hotel in Kensington whilst surrounding by naked, nubile male dancers, for inspiration of course, then I’m sure we can find a solution that will be of benefit to all concerned, whilst staying within the premise of the party manifesto and ethos šŸ˜‰

    • Now we’re on the same page! Though perhaps almost naked would be more tasteful and less discouraging in the presence of cutlery šŸ˜€

  7. Yes, you have a point! Shouldn’t we just dispense with the cutlery – Health and Safety – could seriously hinder our ability to fill out the expenses claim sheet, not just protecting the extremities of the nubile naked ones?

    • Ironically, an invitation to maximise my injury claim just dropped into my Inbox. “Look out! You could have someone’s eye out with that!” šŸ˜€

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