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Welcome to another edition of the Tarot Blog Hop. Our wrangler has given us the simple theme of “The lesson I could teach the world”, but before we explore that, here are the navigation links:


Of course, following on from our last Hop’s musical theme, the obvious response (and earworm) is “I’d like the teach the world to sing…”. Unfortunately, this would probably require a level of musical competence beyond the ability to bellow along to the car stereo at the top of my voice. Still on a musical theme the next thing that sprang to mind was “Lessons in love”, but along with general life guidance, the Kama Sutra has that fairly comprehensively and imaginatively covered.

So, what am I skilled at enough to teach the world? Well, I could probably teach a master class in procrastination, a 101 in how to effectively avoid tasks by having a meal, tea break or snack, and a degree in mesmerisation by deadline, (you know, the one you can’t stop staring at as it hurtles towards you, as you try not to panic at the mountainous size of the task outstanding That!).

But enough of such digression (see, told you I was good at procrastinating) and on to Tarot. To be perfectly honest, I’m not really sure what I could teach the world. I mean, that’s a pretty tall order really, if you think about it. Teaching the whole world something it doesn’t already know…GULP! Umm…nope, I’ve got nothing! 😮 

What the Tarot can teach the world, on the other hand, is probably quite a bit. I mean, it’s a jolly useful box of tricks, isn’t it? Dead handy for helping to solve problems or just see things a bit more clearly, right? All that wisdom packed into a handy pack of cards and so many people who don’t realise how it can help. Since I’m completely stumped, it would make sense to ask the cards, so here goes….

What lessons can I teach the world?

The Tarot, (s)he say….

Hahahahahahahaha! Well, truth be told, as I was shuffling the deck, I was thinking “it ain’t going to be how to take things seriously…” and it seems the Tarot agrees. The Sun for me is all about joy, fun in the sun, enjoying life and that is something I know how to do in spades (or swords, if you prefer). Regular readers will be familiar with my complete inability to be po-faced about anything, the dearth of solemnity and gravitas in my posts. This doesn’t mean everything I say is totally frivolous – it usually isn’t (well, not entirely) – I just like to find humour in life. Let’s face it, if we can’t laugh, we’d probably cry and I know which I prefer! 

So, there you have it. According to the wisdom of the Tarot, and I bow to that wisdom, I can teach the world JOY! Yay!  Thus, the lesson for today is to go forth and be joyful – have fun, try not to take things too seriously, because most of the things that stress you out today will pass and will seem trivial when you look back. Laughter may not always be the best medicine, but its absence will be to your detriment. In fact, many things would benefit a bit more lightening up and rather less getting one’s knickers in a twist, wouldn’t you say? Oh, I know that some things are and must be taken seriously, but make sure that they are the right things, the ones that really matter, not the small stuff that won’t matter tomorrow or next week or next year or whenever.

Short and sweet, here endeth the lesson 😀 

Before you move on to the next blog’s lesson using the links below, please take a moment to share your thoughts in the comments below 😀






1 May 2018

10 Comments to “Lessons”

  1. Yes, the tarot could definitely teach the world a lot! Great idea. And I’ll take a lesson or two in Joy from you as I have always been opposite my name! Quite serious! More time in the Sun definitely needed. 🙂

    • I always think that we sometimes give our children a lot to live up to when naming them. Mine are named after an empress and a conqueror of the known ancient world. No pressure there then! 😀

  2. Lol I’m glad I’m not the only one who got hit by that earworm! Though now I’ve caught another one an? am doing a very bad rendition of a certain Annie song… ?

    • I was at a small gig recently and the support band announced that their next song was called “Annie”, to which a member of the audience piped up, “Is she OK?”. Obviously, not the same song as you are thinking of, but it amused the audience.

  3. Joy to the world!!!! Glad you got The Sun. My stuff was turning out incredibly seriously (which I promise that I will listen to). Today might be the day for sitting naked on a horse in the garden!

    • Not down this neck of the woods it wouldn’t! Cold and drizzle with the odd horizontal showers are not conducive to nude equestrianism.

  4. Hehehe, Tarot is hilarious, as well as your writing style, Ania!:)

    I take this Joy seriously! It is interesting that as I was walking out in the forest yesterday, I was thinking of Earth moving around the Sun and a weird thought came in my mind. I so much hated this long winter (I should be grateful for it, too, though), and I suddenly thought it would be boring if we had tropical climate here all the time. 🙂

    Because this way my joy about the Sun and the warm months are even bigger. Thank you for this post, Ania!

    • Yes, indeed. An element of uncertainty in our lives helps to keep us on our toes, I find, even if it is only with respect to the weather 😀

  5. The world could certainly use a lesson in joy. Everyone be taking things way too seriously, in my opinion, or they are worried about being happy. Joy is so much more than that and so needed.

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