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All The Sweet Things

1942Thus, racing through Week 2, we come¬†to Week 3 covering the early Georgians, specifically George I and focusing heavily on sweet things and…chocolate. Don’t get too excited just yet – I’m saving my experiments with that for the next post ūüėÄ

Britain’s love affair with sugar was well-established by this time. From the early luxury of Persian imports in Henry VIII’s day, through Elizabeth I’s reign when sugar became much more readily available and therefore cheaper¬†via¬†Europe (pre-EU). By George I’s day, the New World had been opened up and sugar was being grown and imported from there, further increasing availability and blackening the nation’s teeth.


More Tudor Food

S√°nchez_Coello_Royal_feastAfter a busy few weeks, I’ve been playing catch up on my Historic Food and Feasting course. Last week, I wrote up my efforts at making¬†Tarte Owt Lent¬†from Week 1. This week will be a bit of a veritable treat¬†of recipes from weeks 1¬†and 2, with week 3 hot on their heels.


Off With Her Quiche!


Kenilworth Castle

A while ago I mentioned that I had signed up for a short course on Historic Food and that began a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, I’ve been off trading at¬†Kenilworth Castle and then the Chalke Valley History Festival, respectively, for the last two weekends and frantically trying to finish my Victorian outfit for the latter in between the two. ¬†I promised you an update once I’d started and here it is.


Fit for A King

S√°nchez_Coello_Royal_feastAs you may know, I have something of an interest in historic food. I’ve made dishes from Richard II’s cook’s book A Forme of Cury,¬†early editions¬†of¬†Mrs Beeton’s Household Management,¬†recipes from the two World Wars, Medieval Poland,¬†and a whole host of¬†others across several centuries. Some I have taken from copies of the original texts, others have been aided by the research of the likes of¬†¬†Clarissa Dickson Wright, Dorothy Hartley and a whole host of historians throughout the ages, professional and amateur. You’ll find some of my efforts on the virtual pages of this very blog.


Bean Feast

BeansIt’s been a while since I wrote about anything other than Tarot*, and since it is Vegetarian Week, I thought I’d share a veggie recipe with you. ūüėÄ

Yes, alright, it has nothing whatsoever to do with Veggie Week and everything to do with having a temperamental fridge freezer that needs to be emptied and defrosted, and no food in the house. There, I admit it! Happy? Anyway, the fact remains, I have a recipe of sorts for you. That it is born of the dregs of my freezer contents is neither here nor there.



10329296_1421073688154919_6295224645325141367_nTime¬†has absolutely whizzed by and here we are at the 5th Yule Tarot Blog Hop! Our wrangler, Arwen, has invited us to “The Office Party” and asked us to give you, our readers, a gift.

Before we move on to the festivities, we must observe the traditions, so I present you with the links to my Hop neighbours and the Master List:



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