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Crafty Update

Purple Tick SymbolI’ve been working my crafty mojo hard lately and have finished several projects, some twice 😀

You may recall my Renaissance Blanky, which I finished in October ready for use as a throw for keeping my tootsies warm on the sofa over the winter months. It did get used for that purpose for a whole but then migrated to the (unheated) bedroom where it covered approximately half the bed. I still had some of the red yarn left, though not enough to do anything significant, since I really needed enough for 32 more squares to get it up to 8 x 10. So, I bought another ball of yarn in Tudor Rose (I fancied a bit of contrast and 32 squares in the same colour is really boring) and this is the result:


Yeah, OK, so it looks a bit odd, but I like it and it now covers the bed very nicely, thank you 🙂

I also completed the Lightning Thief MKAL a few days ago and finally got around to blocking the result (blocking is very tedious, especially when you have lots of pointy bits). I rather enjoyed knitting this. The pattern was very easy, it knitted up quite quickly despite all the squillions of beads and I quite like the completed article:


I am very partial to purple which, unfortunately, is a particularly difficult colour to photograph with any accuracy whatsoever, as are beads, so the pics do the shawl no justice at all, but at least you can see the pattern. I’ll see if I can get some better daylight shots (assuming the cloud cover permits any significant daylight through any time soon) and post them up.

I have yet to finish my Esme jumper, which I started back in November, but I’m most of the way up the sleeves and then just have to put the bits together and do the collar. I’ll try to make a push to get that done by the end of next week, then I need to decide which of the many items in my queue to do next.

I’m afraid I’ve been rather naughty and added yet more yarn to my stash (thanks to some Christmas gift vouchers from my lovely Good Twin).


I have a fancy to make a Persian style blanket (though I will probably start with a cushion cover), inspired by the Persian Dreams pattern, though I need to rework the patterns to be on a royal blue background with the pattern in white/cream, which is more in keeping with some of the designs I have been look at for inspiration:

2006AC9169_tile_iran 139057392_4aa731e7624957590217_cb69c7f7ab_m 84442798_3e927f6281

And thus, the to-do list progresses with more items being added, just in case I find myself with too much time on my hands 🙂


12 February 2015

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  1. Some of those Persian designs are exquisite. You were quite right about that MKAL looking much better in blocking. It’s good to see symmetry in your blankey design 🙂

  2. oh excellent, Ania! Your shawl is beautiful and the blanky has turned out really lovely! Can’t wait to see the Persian creation!


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