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Misplaced Words

Of course, it would make far more sense for me to be making a contribution to my NaNoWriMo word count, rather than this blog, but I thought you might be interested to hear how I’m getting on.

I started this report to find a bewildering array of numbers, so have decided to borrow from Hestia a rather more economical style of relaying the statistics.

50,000 – the number of words needed

20,000 – the number words I should have written by now

774 – words that I am short of that target

1667 – today’s default target number of words

2441 – words that I have realised I am actually short of the target by

0 – number of panic attacks about finishing on time, so far

3 – minimum anticipated panic attacks in final week

4 – major characters

3 – minor characters trying to muscle into the major arena

2 – characters that just strolled in to the story, had a look around and left again

3 – characters who have yet to assert themselves, although two of these are dead so that could prove tricky

9 – chapters in various stages of completion

2 – chapters involving Tarot

15 – notional number of chapters in the book, though this could change

1 – dilemma about the detectability of toxins after burial

#secret – the number of murders

So, with that small misdirection of words, I resume real life and hope that I have time to knock out 2,500 words later today.

13 November 2010

7 Comments to “Misplaced Words”

  1. *mwhahahhaa* I can add to your statistics: 1 gratuitous sex scene. I will work it in SOMEWHERE cos it’s all I’ve written in TWO days!!!!

    Ali x

    • I have read to many cringe-making sex scenes in novel to even dare to attempt such a thing. I look forward to reading yours as I’m sure it won’t be one of those 🙂

  2. I think you are all doing REALLY well. To keep the word count up is no mean feat, I admire you all for your efforts. X

  3. Ania –

    I cannot think of anyone better than Hestia to model a blog after! This is just hysterical! Good to know that others are going through the same experiences getting their words down!


  4. Talk to me about your pizen dilemma …I might know the answer 🙂

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