Private commissions and commercial embroidery for names, logos and stock designs from £2.50 per item. No minimum order.

We have a huge library of stock designs and will ordinarily only charge the cost of embroidery to render these onto an article. This charge will vary according to the stitch count, which affects the amount of time and materials required and thus the cost. As a guideline, small embroideries (4″ or less) will generally be between £2.50 and £5 per item.

Logos will require the supply of an embroidery design file by the client or for the design to be converted into an appropriate format, i.e., design origination. This is often a very time consuming process requiring many hours of work to ensure a high quality result. This is also true for private special commissions, though if the design is one deemed to be of general interest to other potential customers, the origination fee may be waived. Obviously, this does not apply to company logos. The origination fee is a one-off charge and once the design is in the library, further embroideries may be ordered at any time for the standard embroidery fee quoted initially.

We have a wide selection of thread colours available, though for very specific colour matches there will be a charge, at cost, for purchasing the threads.

Clothing items, such as polo shirts, may also be supplied on request, but we do not carry stock of these and for low volume orders or one-offs, it is usually more cost effective for the client to source these themselves.


Design origination                            from £35

Embroidery onto item                      from £2.50


England For more examples of commissions and embroidered articles, see the Gallery