Bauble Decoration Photo Tutorial

This kit contains materials for two ornaments decorated on one side. You can make one of each or two the same.

Kit Contents:

  • Felt
  • Threads
  • Needle
  • Fibrefill
  • Ric rac braid
  • Ribbon

You will need a marker or felt pen to trace around the templates and scissors to cut the pieces out.


  1. Carefully cut out the templates and mark around them on the felt. For each ornament, cut two of each main piece and one each of all the other pieces. Take care to cut inside any marked lines to avoid them being visible on the finished ornament.
  1. Split thread and use only two strands for all stitching. The supplied thread has six strands, split each piece so that you are using only two strands for sewing. 
  2. Position ribbon at top with raw edged on inside of main front piece. Stitch in place securely. (Stitching will be covered by bauble top)
  3. Position the large contrast band on main bauble piece as shown by the placement lines and stitch on along long edges.
  4. Position the narrow band with ric rac braid placed along the centre, tucking a little of the braid under the band to prevent fraying. Stitch through all layers using tiny stitches.
  1. Starting near the top, stitch the two felt pieces together firmly and evenly around outside edges using blanket stitch*, leaving a small gap for stuffing. Do not cut thread.
  2. Insert stuffing, using a chopstick or pencil to push it into any corners, then complete stitching to close the gap. 
  3. Stitch on the bauble top with vertical stitches.