Tree Decoration Photo Tutorial

This kit contains materials for two ornaments decorated on one side.


  • Felt
  • Threads
  • Needle
  • Fibrefill
  • Tinsel wire 
  • Star
  • Beads 
  • Ribbon

You will need a marker or felt pen to trace around the templates and scissors to cut the pieces out.

The supplied thread has six strands, split each piece so that you are using only two strands for sewing. 


  1. Carefully cut out 2 pieces of felt for each ornament using the template.
    Make sure you cut inside the marked lines so they don’t show on your finished ornament.
  1. Position the tinsel wire on front piece, tucking a small amount inside at each end. Stitch lightly in place. (The wire should stay in place without stitching.)
  2. Position ribbon at top with raw edged on inside of front section. Stitch in place securely close to the top of the tree. (Stitching will be covered by star)  


  1. Stitch on bead “baubles”. (You can leave this step until after you have stitched together and stuffed the ornament if you prefer.)
  1. Starting near the top, stitch the two felt pieces together firmly and evenly around outside edges using blanket stitch*, leaving a small gap for stuffing. Be sure to catch the tinsel wire between stitches to secure it. Do not cut thread. 

    *If you like, you can stitch the two pieces together using a straight or other stitch, just be sure that the stitches are small enough to prevent the stuffing escaping.
  1. Insert stuffing, using a chopstick or pencil to push it into any corners, then complete stitching to close the gap.
  2. Stitch on Star.
  1. Bind off threads, pull through inside and trim.