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Advent Calendar Day 19

advent19Morning, peeps. I must admit to being slightly the worse for wear this morning. It wasn’t so much the quantity of beer I consumed last night, as my utter failure to remember to rehydrate before going to bed. Hence, a broken night’s sleep due to several awakenings during the night needing to stop my mouth feeling like the bottom of a parrot’s cage.

In case you’re wondering, I met up with a completely random assortment of strangers that I’d “met” online on a local Facebook group. They turned out to be a lot less obnoxious than they like to make out, in fact, they were all rather nice and the evening (and beer) flowed all too quickly. I’ll be off for a hairy dog shortly before another party this evening 🙂

IMG_1138In other news, it was DS’ turn to shine yesterday (though he forgot all about mentioning it). You may recall that he won a photography competition earlier in the year and was duly awarded a prize by the school. Well, yesterday he also received his certificate and rosette from the competition organisers.

Unlike DD, though, he won’t be getting anything from us, since there was also a £30 M&S voucher included as part of the prize 🙂

I think that 9 of Cups on Day 2 is definitely making its presence felt 😀

So on to today’s Advent Card and a photographic deck would seem apt, thus I have chosen the Jamie Hankin deck. It’s a Majors only, which I hadn’t intended to use in the Advent calendar, but what the heck. Today’s card is….The Pope.

advent019And what a Pope! This “teacher, counsellor, consultant” looks more like a sex therapist than any Pope I’ve ever seen.

I’m not sure what to make of her in the context of Christmas gifts…shoes or lingerie perhaps, though I doubt it since I have plenty of both and no real desire for any more, although I do keep meaning to make myself a replacement “plain” corset. I sold mine on as it was the first I made and ever so slightly too short in the body for me.

Failing that, there is always more chocolate, black or white is fine with me 😀

All this photography stuff is making my thoughts turn to making a photographic deck of my own. I can draw a little, paint not at all, but I have been known to take some passably good photos, though I can promise there won’t be any dominatrix Popes. Perhaps that’s a project I could try to factor in for next year. Not an all out undertaking, just an “as and when” I’m out and about 🙂


19 December 2014

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  1. She’s scary. She’d scare you right into behaving well for Santa …

    • Interesting thought. Perhaps the Church ought to consider re-imaging. Hellfire and damnation doesn’t cut it these day, maybe Ms Whiplash would have more success 🙂

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