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End of Season

iphone 177-smI just returned from my last event of the summer at Herstmonceux and am quietly sinking into my second (large) glass of muscle-relaxant* and contemplating my muddy toes whilst waiting for the bath to run. Meanwhile, the dog is trying desperately to gain access to a spot on the sofa, having been forced to lie on the ground for the last three days and endure all mannner of scary noises and strangers, by looking faintly pathetic and moaning plaintively from time to time.


It was a good weekend on the whole. The journey was largely painless, aside from one spot of hellish roadwork tedium, I saw friends and some family and trade was not too bad considering the typically British Bank Holiday Monday weather (i.e., hammering down with rain). I think I broke a record for the number of readings I’ve done in one session on Sunday! Saturday was also busy, with at least three repeat clients bringing me with feedback on previous readings. These included a lady who came to see me holding the baby I told her she’d have in last year’s reading, which given that I tend to avoid expicitly predictive readings is quite gratifiying  *beams with delight* Monday brought worse weather and (thankfully) fewer clients and the overwhelming theme seemed to be about balance with both Temperance and the Six of Pentacles appearing frequently, despite my all my best effort to shuffle them away. Perhaps they were a message for me not to overdo it too 😀

…*wavy lines*…

Some time later (after falling asleep in the bath and having a subsequent head/pillow/immediate unconsciousness episode)

…as I was saying, it was busy but competition was fierce with several other garland sellers, not to mention at least two other Tarot readers. That said, it still appears to have been a very worthwhile weekend.


  • A conversation with DD:

DD: Are we going to that pub for dinner? You know, The Owl and Stranger.
Me: You mean The Lamb?
DD: Oh, yes, I couldn’t remember what it was called

If there isn’t a pub with that name, there really should be! 😀

  • Nephew and girlfriend turning up unexpectedly on Saturday – none of my family have ever visited me at work before  😀
  • Some lovely and happy clients, mostly Tarot but also corset.
  • Not being at all cold at night
  • The phone signal mostly working so I could take card payments (without my having to wander about the entire site to find it and then stand on one leg holding my phone aloft whilst wrapped in tin foil)
  • A stunningly good venison stew (made by me) and a very tasty whole smoked trout, reheated in garlic oil (purchased)

On the minus side, there were too many other traders selling garlands, (my trading bread and butter), Monday started out with heavy rain so there was a lot of mud at packing up time, the cider was £4.50 a pint** and I’m completely and utterly knackered.

**Yes, £4.50 FFS! Though, to be fair, it was very good cider.




1 September 2015

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  1. Did you know the other readers ? You were ahead of the wave with the garlands, now do your Madonna thang and find the next trend 🙂

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