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Guest Blog: Knee High Observations

King of the Castle

King of the Castle

My name is Dexter and I’m temporarily taking over this blog, as my human’s a bit busy with other stuff at the moment. I’m the handsome and regal chap in the picture. That was taken in Wales a few weeks ago – I’ll tell you about that later, but suffice to say, I am king of some castles.

My human has all these piles of material and flowers and other things that have been taking up her time recently (though she does find time to come for nice long walks with me too…well, she walks, I run and jump and play). She’s also been really busy helping the girl pup get ready for something they call SATs. I don’t know what they are but they seem to be very important and involve lots of paper. They get very upset when I stand on the paper, but I picked up lots of useful tips on grammar and punctuation through my paws. She’s even been too busy to tell you about all the fun we had in Wales a few weeks ago or my little adventure last week, so I’m going to.

I’ll start with last week. I was taking my humans for a walk when we met a couple of collies. I wagged my tail and tried to say hello, but one of them was very nasty and growly and he jumped on me and attacked me. As you can imagine, I was very frightened. I’m very fast so I can outrun most dogs and if they are bigger and faster than me, I can outmanoeuvre them, so I did the only sensible thing and ran. Unfortunately, they gave chase so I had to run quite a way.

I got away from them, of course, but I didn’t want to go back the way I’d come in case I met them again. I’d lost track of my humans as well, so I made my way across the road (taking care to go under the main road on the canal path) to see if they’d gone back to the car. Well, they weren’t there and I wasn’t about to go anywhere near those collies again, so I set off again, down the back roads and through the park. (I’m not very keen on traffic…or strangers). Some people tried to catch me on the way, but I wasn’t having any of that and I continued heading straight for home (the back way).

My humans found their way home too eventually, after I’d been waiting on the doorstep for a while. (They really are a lot slower than me in so many ways, but they’re still quite smart – good thinking dog’s humans, I’d say). You can imagine how happy I was to see them and that they hadn’t got lost. My tail wagged and wagged, so much so that I almost lost my balance. I’m sure they were pleased to see me too, though it can be hard to tell as they don’t have tails, but they bare their teeth (in a good way) when they’re happy so I can tell. It all worked out alright in the end and I’m glad they know how to get home without me to guide them.

I probably ought to tell you about my first holiday too. That was a few weeks ago now and my human still hasn’t got around to telling you about it. We stayed in a cottage in Wales and I had a lovely time. They went to Wales last year too, but that was before I adopted them. The cottage was nice and I slept on the big, comfy sofa. I don’t think I was supposed to, but after everyone else went upstairs it was more comfortable.

We walked a lot and visited lots of things. I did so want to say hello to the woolly creatures we kept meeting and they kept running away wanting me to play chase with them, but my humans wouldn’t let me off the lead. I didn’t speak their language, but my humans chatted away with them using lots of “Baaaa” noises and they replied, so they must have understood. The best parts were when they did let me go for a run. Close to where we were staying, there was this big open place near some water with lots of watery inlets that were sometimes full up to the top and sometimes almost empty. It was great fun jumping over them and chasing the birds. I wagged my tail so much I’m surprised it didn’t fall off. I fell into the water once or twice when I forgot,  in my excitement, that there were ditches beneath the surface, but I don’t think anyone noticed. Here I am:

We had to spend quite a lot of time in the car to get to some of the places we visited, but I wasn’t car sick once, even though the roads were really bendy a lot of the time. It was good fun but very tiring and I was glad to be home after a week.

I think that’s probably all for now, but I’ll leave you with some more of my holiday snaps, because I am such a handsome fellow.


Ah, my peasants toil below

Ah, my peasants toil below















12 May 2014

11 Comments to “Guest Blog: Knee High Observations”

  1. Hey Dexter – who’s a handsome boy!!! *squeaks squeaky toy* Dexter! DEXTER! Who’s a GOOBOY!!!

    Right talented dawgie you’ve got there – typing and proper punctuation and everything 😀

    Ali (and Nero) xxx

  2. Sounds like you had a great time, Dexter 🙂

  3. He’s a good-looking pooch; I like how you caught his earnest/serious moments 😀

  4. Lovely holiday spot, Dexter. Are you one of those retired racing hounds? I think you must be. Glad you escaped those mean collies and that your family were able to get home without you.

    I’m wondering if they were surprised that you were home before them. 🙂

    Lovely writing style, too.

    • Can you not see my fine Pointer features? Perhaps the Doberman colouring confused you.
      I am a hound, but definitely not one of those chase a fake rabbit in a straight line for 5 minutes and then spend the rest of the day sleeping it off dogs. Of course, it’s possible there’s some Whippet or Greyhound type somewhere in my lineage as I am pretty fast. I can’t outrun those tall hounds, but I can just stop dead or turn and they run straight past me. No manoeuvrability you see *snicker*
      I’m far too young to have retired. I haven’t even decided on a career as yet 😛 I could be a hunting hound. I’m very good at chasing and sniffing out foxes and other beasts, though I’m not overly keen on guns. I don’t see why I should be limited to canine pursuits. Thinking outside the kennel, I’d make a fine show jumper or eventer. I like to jump over things for fun, but I’m not sure if the rider thing would work. As you saw, I did make an excellent King of the Castle, so that’s always a possibility. It’s a difficult decision…I think I’ll sleep on it. I’m good at that.

      • Yes I did. I just saw something in your running style in Wales. I think I had you mixed up with the fellow who adopted Alison Cross awhile back.

        The maneuverability should continue to come in handy, as well as the talent for naps.


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