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Labour of Love

I recently spent the day reading Tarot at Witchfest, held this year in Brighton for the first time. Sadly, I didn’t have much opportunity to look around Brighton as we were pretty busy all day and by the time we finished I was too exhausted. We did a lot of readings, a LOT of readings, but it was a very satisfying experience.

One of the reasons I truly love doing this is that I meet such interesting people in the course of my work, the other is that I get the opportunity to help them. Witchfest is also one of the better events that I read at, insofar as the people who come for reading are more likely to be open about themselves, rather than expecting you to read their mind to find out why they want a reading.

Amongst my clients, I met an actor, a transgender person, a vivacious young model/poet (who had a reading from all of us), an animal communicator and pole dancer (I know, how fun does that sound as a career combination!), a drama teacher, a qualified medical herbalist, a film artist (who paints armour, prosthetics and make-up), a live-in maternity consultant (it’s a London thing, apparently), a young widow, a worried father-to-be, a sweet and slightly bemused young couple on their first curiosity visit to Witchfest, and many more. It was a fascinating glimpse into some truly interesting and diverse lives.

During the day, I dispensed advice and guidance on career paths (a lot of these), relationships (potential and existing with partners, children and family), relocation, health* and a lot of general life stuff.

One of the nicest moment was the lady who came over, during a brief break between clients, to tell me that I had read for her the previous year and everything had come to pass as I had said it would 🙂 Now I don’t generally go in for fortune-telling, but an element of peeking into the future is inevitably involved.

In all, a good and productive day from me and I hope, for my clients too 🙂

*I always advise seeking qualified professional advice for health and finance, but I do use the cards to make suggestions which may help in terms of general wellbeing and exploring choices and options.


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8 December 2016
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