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Pestilent Plumbing

I decided that my roots were well overdue for a retouch. As a natural <cough> blonde <cough> (they’re not grey hairs, really, some of them  just grow out a bit fairer than the others) they tend to show up.

Anyway, if you are not aware, my hair has been a dark purple for a couple of years or so. Perhaps not the best colour to choose if you have fairish hair, as you can’t really get away with the roots being so dramatically different (remind me to go back to blonde, soon!).  So, as I’m off to Bath with the girls for the weekend, I thought I might as well spruce meself up a tad. Bad plan!

Standing in the bathroom with your head covered in purple chemical muck is not the best time to discover that your, already fairly pathetic, shower head has given up the ghost altogether and unless you hold the hose at a particular height, the water will just dribble from whatever the lowest point happens to be. Great! Fab! NOT!

Cue assorted bizarre positions and desperate attempts to get purple stuff off head before it melts my hair off. Namely, leaning precariously over the bath with head under main tap and swilling top of head in a (small) sink half full of water, splashing whatever dribbling water I could collect off the hose over my head, that kind of thing.

Once enough gunk was finally off to eliminate the possibility of total hair loss and blindness, I hot-footed downstairs, dug out the plumbing wrench and removed the whole shower head from the hose. Fortunately, this did the trick and meant enough water was now coming out of the hose to allow most of the remaining colour to be washed off before I gave up.

I can look forward to purple towels and pillowcases for a while, but that always happens – it’ll just be worse than usual. Eventually, I will stop leaving a trail of purple wherever my head rests.

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8 October 2010

3 Comments to “Pestilent Plumbing”

  1. Ania –

    I was blond (by choice) for over 25 years. Then gray (by choice and chance!) until I couldn’t stand it any more, whereupon I became a brunette (by choice). The towels do suffer – but not my pillowcases … so far, anyway! 😉

  2. Ania, soak the showerhead overnight in white vinegar – should shift at least some of the limescale …unless you have some Viakal or Limelite ?

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