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I was so excited to have received my invitation to join Ravelry the other day. I’ve joined the Sock Knitters Anonymous group there and will be participating in the Challenge, where you have to knit a different pair of socks each month. For September’s Challenge, my dilemma is which of the wonderful Cookie A patterns to opt for. I have a few of her freebies from Knitty in my archives and the Twisted Flower, but they are all so gorgeous, it is hard to choose between them :S Whichever, I do, the rest of the patterns are on my wishlist (cheap Christmas presents 😉 Either way, opting for Cookie A was a no-brainer as the alternative was to knit and orange sock and orange is just not my colour at all. Besides, I still have loads of lovely Violet Green yarn in my stash to use up 😀 Watch this space for updates on my progress.

8 September 2008
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